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    Originally Posted by Omega Zero View Post
    Wow this game looks amazing, the graphics and everything!

    Thank you very much :>

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    looks promising. Keep up the great job guys.
    Thank you mate , we will :>

    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
    YayYayYayz!!! Legend of Anbuja is BACK!!! BACK!!!

    It looks great. You misspelled "Orphan" as Orphin, by the way. I love the new OW style. Would you put in some battle scenes so that I could look at the Battle BGs? Get some banners, too! CSS, or something.

    ★Nifty little shadow below the OWs you've got there.
    ★Love the story so far
    ★I want a Eevee early! Would you give one?

    By the way, what's the mascot Pokémon?

    The Orphin misspelling is one of the tiny little spelling errors I'm getting alot :p

    Eevee huh? I think I can do something there.
    But I don't think one will be available until 2nd gym town.

    As for the mascot, uhhhm there isn't really 1, since you get to intereact with like every of them.
    Just find out :>

    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    Wow, this hack looks very nice and well constructed. I love your attention to detail, from the removed shoes tile in the entrance of houses, to actually putting in washrooms, it really depicts great effort and care in a hack. From what I can tell, you've spent many months working on this in solitude, thus effectively reducing your social status. At anyrate you and your clearly wonderful team have done a great job (so it's all worth it) :)
    Wow lol, I didn't know you think this way about the hack :p
    Anyways yeah, this is one of the numerous resets I had to do until now, but I hope that this time it will be the last time.
    Anyways thanks alot for the comment it means alot :>

    Originally Posted by Missing Number View Post
    Quick question, does everyone have a bedroom or just you?

    I think you could add bunny's room and include a secret or 2 (perhaps an event and flag that leads you to getting an alternate starter? Or forme for your starter? Or even just a black belt to boost moves)

    Also you said over twice in your spoilers " after he hands over your Pokemon over"

    I am interested in this
    Until now everyone has a bedroom with corespondenting beds :p
    As for the alternate starter at the beginning you have to be satisfied with Tyrogue.
    I've included in the features that you will be able to have acess to 1 of the Johto starters anyways :>

    Also, the bunny room is quit interesting :>

    And yeah, one of tiny spelling/grammer errors.

    Thanks for pointing that out :>

    Also I feel like posting just some screens since I feel some up there aren't really enough.

    The idea is that your grandfather makes you run some errands before he even thinks of giving you the starter.
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