Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon The Legend of Anbuja
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Originally Posted by 345200 View Post
this hack looks very good
Ty =]

Originally Posted by Saltsas View Post
Wow that's one beautiful hack.The story is pure awesomeness and I like the idea of tyrogue.Just a question, you said that we will be able to evolve tyrogue before 1st gym right? That means that we will have leveled it up to 20 or you reduced it's evolution level? Anyways good luck with your nice hack :D
Ty for the comment.
I meant that you will have acess to 1 of the Johto starters before gym1(For people who don't like nonstarters as theyre starters).
But eh, if you grind alot you can even evolve it on the first route lol, but I might rise it evolving level depending on the lv it will be at the 1st gym.

Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
Wait, so will there be Hitmontop?
Top, Chan and Mon all three of them since they're Tyrouge's evolutions :> .