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    Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
    Oh, how silly of me to ask. I forgot Hitmontop was since 2nd Gen c; . Btw, will you improve Tyrogue's movepool? Cause In 3rd Generation It only knows tackle and only 3 moves in gen 4.
    It's no problem lol.
    And yes, I figured out myself today that it only knows Tackle, I will add some fighting moves etc to its movepool.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    I fell in love with the OWs... they are AWESOME o.O
    The tiles as well... the best of luck!
    Thanks you very much =]
    Good to hear that the work was worth it :>

    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    The results for HotY 2012 just came out, and I already see a HotY 2013/14 in the making. And that is if you are never ever ever getting back together quit on it! I am not reading the storyline yet because you told me not to, but don't make me wait too long! ;) I love the screenshots and how there is a pidgey on the roof and a pidgeotto/pidgeot (Can't tell LOL) flying past. Another thing I like is how you made it so that there was a size diff between adults and teens. The OWs seem quite original, did you make them yourself? Oh! and your mapping is good ^^
    Ohhh thank you that you think that :p
    As for the storyline, I think if I keep going like this, until next week I might get an short alpha out (hopefully 1hour+ gameplay irt).
    Also if you really can't wait, I've kept it too simple anyways, there is only told the beginning of the hack.

    Thats a pidgeot, but it is missing his mates :p

    The Ow's were made by me, but using pallete of WesleyFG's Ow base, then porting them to HG/SS style (Looks best tbh).
    Reedited them alot, Hero and rival were too tiny in comparision to youngster's and Lass'es.

    And I try my best in mapping :)

    Anyways, later tonight I might go and drop some more screenshots of the first route and maybe of the next town :)