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Open to suggestions?

1 go slow and make every area eventful. Take a page from the anime and make us feel for the Pokemon by creating events that circle not just our character, but our main Pokemon too, and perhaps either Pokemon you think a person would have at that time (either by sheer availability or cuz you got a pwnass rock trainer to fight and the only grass type so far is oddish, or the only Pokemon that could possibly have cut outside of cheating is scyther)

2, not sure if u can just add Pokemon without removing but I would like personally a tyrogue fakemon that doesn't mutate him wildly but rather buffs him up, like machop > machoke, or if female, feminizes it (not pervertedly though, I don't know if gender specific spriting is doable in gen3 though). Not to replace or force a player into it, but as a secret option.

3. Also not sure if its doable but tyrogue enhancing items not unlike pikachus lightball, or some non-pokemon-specific items replacing those like metal powder, deep sea pearl, etc.

4. Seemingly nobody trainers from the start or random routes being reused later on with updated Pokemon, so "joeys ratata evolves" if you catch my drift. So people playing will be like "oh wait... I remember you!" Creating multiple pseudo rivals

5. Try to maximize dual battles, as I feel its a cool dynamic that not every game explores (kinda tired of soloing everything)

6. Ummm if u can , no hm plz?

7. Constant beta release? Even if you go every 5 events, take a page from ash grey and go by each few episodes if you will

8. If a fan *waves hand* has a suggestion or 2 to fill the gap of a boring route, feel free to accept it if reasonable (please lol)

9. If you got the time, or sprites, can you give alternate colors or patterns to pokes of this region? It adds personal touch. Something like the patterns on the poke gods gengar and alakazam in the anime, or the starter clones mewtwo makes, or the orange islands Pokemon or extreme shellos and gastrodon (for a select few) if you got the time