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    Originally Posted by Pike15 View Post
    wow im in love with the graphics
    Thanks you :)

    Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard View Post
    This looks very nice. How is your progress btw? Keep up the good work.
    Could you also show the hero sprite? The overworld actually looks good to me.
    Well everything in this thread is 2 months of work, with things I've worked more then 2 years ago (Ideas etc).
    But the progress is going pretty neat, I didn't expect it to be like this :>

    Also for the hero sprite I totally forgot to add him, so I will just add him and some other in the next update when i show some more scripts =]

    Originally Posted by Missing Number View Post
    Open to suggestions?

    Yes I am open to sugguestions, if I add them or not depends if I'd like them or not.
    But I might add things even if I don't want them, but they have to be reasonable.(Not reasonable:add xxx to route 1 coz I love it).

    But even if I take some of sugguestions, I wont tell until I post them :p

    And about the alternate formes or the buffs etc. I'm tbh against fakemon/splices that aren't official so I probably wont add things like that.

    Also the events and stuff are all already planned, I might add here and there something though.
    But usually I know what I want in the maps before I map them :p

    Ty for the list of sugguestions though. :>