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Main Information//
Name: Oakley North
Alias: Knight
Age: Seventeen (born 12th October)
Height: 157cm / 5' 2"
Weight: 48kg / 106lbs
Location: England

Atlantean Tattoo: Her tattoo is a set of symbols which vaguely resemble some sort of lettering which run down the inside of both of her arms.

Physical: Oakley is fair in all aspects of her body. Her long, ringleted hair with a clean and neat fringe practically glows a light blonde, her skin pale and unblemished by pimples (apart from a mole on her chin) and her face quite attractive. She is less-than-averagely tall and less-than-averagely weighted, probably a little unhealthily but that's just natural for her. Her teeth are straight (due to years of braces when she was younger) and her eyes are a golden brown, practically melting in her eye sockets. She keeps herself clean and well groomed; there is rarely food on her face or dirt on her hands. She is perfectly normal, except for the odd growth of armor on her right hand (though does spread to random parts of the body depending on the situation). Though whenever the armor grows, she keeps it in pristine condition. However, once it grows over her fingers, the tips become quite sharp and she has a tendency to accidentally scratch herself when she touches her face or arms.

Clothing: Oakley has always been partial to summer dresses, leggings and a pair of ballet flats, fit with appropriate accessories, such as an anklet, a simple necklace or a flower clip in her hair. During the winter though, she wears tight jeans and a cute top, with maybe a hoodie or a jacket. She dresses cute, simple and a little bit "classic", picking patterns, designs and accessories that seem to have come from an indie band's album art.
She used to wear her french, boarding school uniform, but graduated and moved back with her father, she hasn't touched them in some time. She tends to wear a lot of long sleeved shirts and coats to hide her ability.

Quirky and awkward are words that are frequently used to describe Oakley, though awkward is the more honest approach and quirky is just a filler space to protect her feelings. Sure, she can talk to people fine and she has no trouble making friends and she gets along fine with her brother, but as soon as something slides from the status quo, she crumbles, she panics, she stutters, she twitches, she has a hard time trying to find the right words. If something is causing a problem, she'll avoid it until it goes away or it becomes inevitably unnoticeable, and then she'll avoid it some more.

When nothing's bothering her, Oakley likes to enjoy her life. She can be fairly optimistic when things are going well or sticking to a routine.

Whenever she's reminded of an unresolved issue, she says a few words to avoid the conversation, rubs her chin, starts to stutter and if the conversation hasn't changed yet, either excuses herself or stays silent. There have been a few situations though where conversations are unavoidable, such as when her brother moved to boarding school (in England), her mother's death and when she came home from her holiday with a broken arm (though that conversation hasn't quite been touched yet).

Oakley has a style in the way she decorates or dresses; alternative or indie would be the best way to describe it. She listens to different music and buys different furniture. She likes to be unique. Though, in today's age, 'unique' seems to be 'just like everybody else' nowadays.

When push comes to shove, Oakley would be the one to run away. Only if her loved ones are in danger, especially her brother, is when she stands to fight, though she would do less punching and act more as a human shield or distraction.

FUN FACT: Oakley has a few talents other than her knack for finding antiques; she can play the piano quite well, speaks three different languages (English, French and Spanish. English and French are her strong points and barely keep up a conversation in Spanish, but enough to do some basic translations) and is not a bad artist either.

Oakley was born into a loving family; an English father, a French-Canadian mother and a brother almost four years older than her. Born in Toronto, Oakley spent the good part of her infant to toddler years playing with her older brother. He was kind, he was caring and he always looked out for her. She spent little of her life in Toronto, before her family packed up and moved to Spain after the Toronto Riots.

As she grew up in this foreign country, Oakley learned a few languages; English, since that was her "native" tongue, Spanish, since that's where she lived, and French, due to being so close to the border, her mother's Canadian backgrounds and her brother's insistence on speaking it around the house. She started school where Spanish was now second nature to her and fitting in deemed to be a little difficult. Sure, she made a few friends, no problem, but her pale skin and blonde hair wasn't exactly Spanish and some of the boys in the class above her didn't take too kindly to that, even to go as so far to harass her in the streets.It didn't take long for her brother to catch on to her problems and quickly solve them.

When Oakley was around seven and in her second year of primary school, she watched her brother helplessly from the sidelines as he changed into a different person. This bothered Oakley, as everything had changed in the world, but one thing had remained a constant; her brother. When she talked to him though, she could feel the old him talking back to her. This gave her some relief, though nothing could prepare her for what happened next. Due to his refusal to talk to his parents properly, her brother was sent to an English boarding school.

Her constant, the one thing that had kept her strong these years, had gone. Having the emotional range of a seven year old, she spent a good lot of her days sitting in a corner, crying, and refusing to go back to school. Once the status quo had been broken, anything could change and Oakley did not want to fall back into a routine, only to watch it shatter in front of her eyes again. Her parents, fearing for her health, sent her to a doctor to try and find a reason for these panic attacks. At first, they thought she had Asperges Syndrome but in the end, she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and given a year of psychotherapy and anti depressants to try and keep it under control. Whenever her brother rang from his school, Oakley never had the heart to tell him what was going on. She missed him dearly and often ended up crying after the conversation was over. But, after a year of her "treatments", her panic attacks and heavy stutters disappeared, leaving behind only traces of her ticks, ones which now only resurface in stressful situations and such.

When they thought she was ready, her parents sent her to an All Girls Academy in Southern France, despite her objections of wanting to go to her brother's school in England instead. As any interaction with him left Oakley in tears or heavy breathing (though this wasn't happening as severely after her psychotherapy finished) her parents decided that wasn't the best idea and so France it was.

At first, France was intimidating. Having to speak French all of the time became a challenge (though it didn't take long until it was second nature) and many of the girls there were snooty, high class and just generally not nice. After a while, she finally settled in, making friends and doing well in her classes. Due to some stupid school rule, Oakley was not allowed any communication with her family, especially her brother. As much as she wanted to, it probably wasn't healthy for her. But that one year strain pretty much broke the relationship; she hasn't spoken to her brother since.

When she heard news of her mother's death, Oakley came home to her father without a second thought. Her mother had died in a terrorist bombing in Madrid and when it came to the funeral, Oakley was mourning for two reasons; her mother was gone and her brother was not here. She had to return to school though, so left before she could fully comfort her father.

The next few years, she studied hard, earning top marks in most of her classes. Being away from her family for so long and hitting the peaks of teenagerhood with a disciplined mind, Oakley built some kind of independence for herself. Her anxiety was almost gone. She could do things by herself. She could live. Things were fantastic for her, built around a solid routine. She occasionally visited her father in the Winter holidays but never for too long; she would have stayed longer if her brother had come home too.

She graduated not so long ago with high marks across all of her subjects.

When the Atlanteans made their presence known, Oakley was on the bus home to London after celebrating her graduation in Ireland. At first, a pain seared through her right arm then through her entire body. At first, she thought it was just a pain from her recent lack of sleep but as her mind rushed through the reasons, ranging from growing pains to cancer, she noticed a small metal plate growing from the top of her hand. Hallucinations? Had a leaf fallen on her hand somehow? When she touched the plate and realised it was very much real, she freaked. She panicked. She went nuts. And as she stressed about it, the armor grew. It grew up her arm and hurt like hell. And as it grew, the "infected" part of her arm expanded, until it was nearly three times the size of what it usually was. After a few yelps and gasps in pain and a few funny looks from the limited number of people on the bus, she got off at the next stop and hurried to a public toilet, just as the armor grew to her shoulder and started to rip across her torso.

For the next few hours, Oakley was in intense pain but she managed to control her breathing and the armor began to recede. When it returned to her elbow, she went to her ways of hiding it; a long coat was the best she had. As soon as she left the stinky toilet, paranoia set in. Who would find out? What would they think? Was she a freak? There was only one thing she could do; go home and try and sort this out.

A material cast on her arm managed to keep her confidence up as she took the bus to her father's new home in London; the most it ever got up to was just above her elbow. He was pretty worried about her, though she didn't tell him anything, leaving him with the only explanation, "I broke my arm in three places down a flight of stairs."Though, after a few nights, her father found out about her 'ability'. He found her one morning, on the ground, the armor taking up her entire right arm and half of her body after she had awoken from a nightmare. He didn't insist on a doctor, instead using the internet to find out what was wrong with his daughter. It didn't take long for him to stumble upon the news of the Atlaneans. Then, it was all over the news.

What Oakley misses more than ever now is her brother.

Oakley has the ability to "grow" a somewhat impenetrable armor on her body, usually on her right arm (though it does crop up on other parts of her body as well). The size, rate of growth and the form it takes all depends on her own emotional turmoil; some days she wakes up and her body is clear of it, other days she could be hopelessly sad and it has formed all the way up her shoulder and down her torso. If her emotions are cluttered, the armor grows in a distorted like fashion and some grows on random parts of her body. If it is focused and directed on one thing, the armor grows solidly up her arm. As the armor grows, up her arm, it grows in size as well. Once it reaches her shoulder, her entire arm has tripled, quadrupled even, in size. The growth can be a painful process depending on how fast it moves. Slowly, it's like an itch. When it's fast, it's as if her bones are expanding and her muscles are trying to push their way out of her skin (think growing pains and intense cramps, but 1000x worse). She can subdue her armor by calming herself (which isn't particularly easy for her) but it usually disappears completely while she sleeps, though has woken to find it grown over most of her body after a nightmare. Because she is always thinking, most of the time it covers between small plates on her fingers to halfway up her forearm.

With the armor comes super strength and defence; Oakley can lift a car with ease if her entire right arm is covered. The armor seems to be unbreakable and can withstand bullets and knives, though where the armor does not grow is not immune to any kind of attack. There are also soft spots scattered throughout her body when the armour covers, including her palm, her elbow, her neck etc. The armor is not heavy for her, since she has the extra strength with it, but it would be heavy for anybody else trying to lift it.

There are not many side effects to the armor, only the intense pain it brings when it grows and when the armor begins to cover over half of her body, she begins to forget herself and suffers from temporary amnesia. Her eyes will grow hazy, as if she's being hypnotised or is sleepwalking, and tends to act rashly and attack without reason.
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