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    I think I'll reserve a spot. I may not get to it today but sometime in the week for sure. Got to finish up some school work today.

    Main Information:
    Natalie "Nat" Skoleya
    5' 4"
    118 Lbs
    Washington, United States
    Atlantean Tattoo
    Appearing across her shoulder blades, arced blade-like shapes cross her upper back appearing to form the silhouette of wings, but instead with a design much like several swords, daggers or scythes. The tattoo's color changes now and then and even glows, but this typically occurs when her powers are active or are relative to any remotely strong emotional impulse she has at the moment.
    Young Natalie is an attractive young woman with a well proportioned, cute face and locks of swirling, strawberry blonde hair that extend just below her shoulder blades. She usually has her hair rest plain down her back but may occasionally tie it into a ponytail, especially when she's out hunting. Other people often marvel over how her hair curls in spirals down her cheeks and her back, but it just so happens she was born with the gene, not needing to manually curl her hair. Nat's girlish looks can be deceiving at first glance though, as she isn't quite as petite as other girls are. Her interest in sports and athletics have toned her body, replacing some of her natural body fat with defined muscle, but she'd still have to flex to make this fact apparent. Her legs are another story, appearing surprisingly feminine but much of this is due to her large calves. Nat has enough body fat to look neither plump nor stick thin. Instead, she seems to have a pretty good balance of fat and muscle on her that amplify her curvaceous body.

    Natalie is curvy in a variety of ways, such as her breasts and her rear. Her well-conditioned figure hasn't robbed her of her assets, but it would be rare for anyone to get a good look as she's quite modest with what she wears over her chest. Even so, her bust size can't be hidden by even the baggiest of sweaters. Despite her youthful beauty though, her otherwise somewhat pale peachy skin has an unmistakable blemish upon it. Spotted across her arms and legs, she has patches of flesh that appear to be burns dotting the skin on her limbs. These blackened specks are most heavily concentrated on her hands and feet for some reason, but the rest of her body from her thighs and upper arms to the rest of her body are unscathed by these bizarre markings.
    Preferring long sleeved clothes for obvious reasons, Natalie dresses very modestly. Some may say its due to her country heritage, but the reason becomes more obvious once you see her bare skin. Although she's also quite bashful and modest about her looks, most perturbing to her is the black scars around her hands, forearms, feet and lower legs. For this reason she wears soft, typically black winter gloves that mask her hands and boots of some sort, but usually these are hiking or hunting boots of some sort, ranging from a black, hide-colored or camouflage color depending on what she plans to do. Nat tends to wear pants to cover up her scarred flesh, although typically they are jeans with a few holes and worn spots in them around the knees. If she's out hunting or exercising, you can find her in dull colored sweat pants or camouflage pants ideal for hunting, but you'll almost never see her in shorts unless they're boys shorts and its really hot out, in which case she'll wear leggings or really long socks to cover up her burned flesh. As cute as Nat is, you'll never find her wearing girls shorts, short shorts or skirts of any kind, as she's far too modest to appear even the slightest amount of skin around her body, blemished or not and will probably blush profusely if you try to get her to "show off" a little.

    The girl adopts the same strategy with her upper body attire. Nat warms easily, so she wears very little underneath, typically supporting her breasts with a sports bra due to her activity and a very thin white tank top over that. However, she always wears sweaters, hoodies or long sleeved shirts. No design in particular may be present, but the colors are typically dull with either her high school's team logo, some hunting brand logo or the Marine Corps logo somewhere on her clothing. However, she occasionally will wear a shirt with an animal on it, such as a bear, wolf, eagle, butterfly, or even a velociraptor. If her sweater has a hood, she tends to wear it up, causing her hair to flow out of her hood and sit on her breasts. In colder weather you can find her wearing thick, woolly snowcaps, but her favorite is the big white one that she pulls over her ears and forehead with plenty of room left for more coverage. She tends to wear baggy, concealing clothing nearly everywhere she goes, but even in intense heat Nat is hesitant to change clothing to something more weather appropriate out of embarrassment for her scorched patches of skin. For that reason she never wears swimsuits even though she used to be an avid swimmer.

    To anyone's surprise, Natalie wears no accessories. No earrings, no necklaces, no bracelets, nothing at all. She even lacks pierced ears that most girls have received by the time they're her age. Nat has never really wanted them, preferring to appear as nature intended for her to look. Frankly, she's never really needed them, since she's been attractive enough to get any guy she would want. Too bad she's not very interested in guys.
    Often surprising others with her behavior, she's a pretty (pun not intended) tough cookie. Natalie is known as the girl who beat up other kids, including boys even well into her teenage years. Teachers always phoned home about her and she was a regular visitor to the principal's office. Nat was, and still is a defiant, stubborn, and fiercely independent young woman. Often times, her behavior is rude or disruptive, belching loudly in class, challenging a teacher's or her peer's assertion when others would rather complete the boring lecture and leave class. Natalie has little tolerance for those she sees as ignorant or incapable of thinking, but she tends to keep her thoughts to herself until the person says something she finds idiotic in front of her. Her aggressive attitude costs her friends, even among her sporting teams, but for her, everything she does is about setting the record straight. She dislikes those she sees as destructive to oneself, but typically only if their behavior is blatant, such as smoking, alcoholic abuse, or sexual promiscuity. To many, she comes off as the town's biggest, meanest *****. For her though, it's more of a compliment, as annoying boys who'd otherwise ogle her instead fear her including the "toughest" guys. Girls just avoid her all together. If there's one thing she's not, it's politically correct. Nobody tells her what to do.

    Under the surface, there's much more to Nat. Despite being a disruptive student, her grades are relatively average, but even her performance hides her true talents. When necessary, Natalie is a brilliant tactician and a calculating person, able to find an effective solution, weigh the consequences of each option, and choose the ideal solution. Her cold logic tends to drive people mad, as she's either unfazed by other's emotions, too detailed or technical for others to handle, or tends to give people options they don't like, criticizing them if they don't listen to her. Nat finds little point in applying herself in most tasks unless she sees a purpose in it, hence her average grades. In fact, she often turns in assignments late or not at all, but the work she does submit typically aces the assignment and keeps her grades from plummeting. Most subjects she feels are beneath her or are just boring, which usually acts as her trigger to act up in class. Her frustrations are dealt with after school, where she participates in a myriad of after school activities and competitive sports that keep her fit, well conditioned and at her athletic peak. Her attitude transfers over to her sports as well, playing rough with both her teammates and at games, screaming at her teammates to quit slacking or receiving penalty flags for being too rough. Natalie is very mean, and often very intimidating to those that have to tolerate her. It's not entirely uncommon for her to bring someone to tears, which tends to make her withdraw from the conflict after seeing that she might have gone too far.

    However, Natalie will occasionally surprise people with stunning acts of kindness. If she sees that someone is genuinely trying their best but is struggling to fix a problem, she will lend a hand and sometimes teach them a strategy on how to improve before giving the person encouraging words. Nat doesn't like to be seen being too helpful though. She'll either withdraw from the scenario or try to act colder. If there's one thing that'll embarrass her, it's being seen as a softy or a sensitive person. Still, Nat has a good heart deep down, and will offer moral support when someone needs it, even if they don't ask her for it. Sometimes she'll even tutor classmates if they struggle with a subject, but this is typically on a whim for Nat, and she tends to help those that are bullied by others instead of the typical dumb kid with a ton of friends. She even beats up bullies, which may be ironic, but the moral inconsistency of her actions aren't always considered at the spur of the moment. Nat has a very strong moral code and even stronger opinions, and she tends to act on them to the surprise of many, even though she has already contemplated the full extent of the consequences should things not work out. For this reason, she's seen as a very reckless person, but to her, life is meant for risk taking, and you won't get anywhere without taking some chances. Worst case, she'll adapt to the consequences accordingly.

    Despite her intimidating personality, Natalie holds true to her values, but this typically comes of in a far more unappealing manner. Independence is her way of life, mental toughness is her credo, and logical analysis is her lethal weapon to maneuver the cracks and falling stones of a turbulent world. She's a calculating mastermind, reliant only on herself to advance, even if her methods might make her course more turbulent then it otherwise should be. Natalie does have a huge weakness though. While normally she tends to threaten or beats up boys who try to flirt with her, those who genuinely lavish praise on her for her good looks disarm her immediately. Modest Nat will flee the scene with the speed of light, her cheeks flushing red in embarrassment. She can take many hits and any words thrown at her, but she is helpless against those who focus on her looks rather than what she has to say or is doing. Her bashfulness will even cause her to avoid the person entirely if they're persistent in their compliments of her. Fortunately, few know of her weakness and she's adamant about keeping it that way.
    (minimum two paragraphs; up until the reveal of the Atlanteans.)
    Fighting is a specialty of Natalie's. She commands the powers of negation and repulsion, able to absorb blows and throw the applied force back with greater power through the creation of a black aura-like substance that looks a lot like a black ripple pattern around the area of contact through the air. This power, when active can give her immunity from attacks by absorbing them into her skin, turning her flesh black as the object is either stopped or absorbed into her. Nat can also repel objects back towards her opponent using the same force that was used against her. In essence, she has the power of energy manipulation and force deflection. Her abyssal powers have an even greater benefit for direct combat if her foes decide not to strike at her. She can coat her body with this dark, absorbent substance, amplifying the power of anything she touches such as a weapon or her body itself, amplifying the force she inflicts on her targets. The ability is also unique in that she can absorb not only physical attacks an objects but less tangible forces as well such as fire or lightning without causing Nat harm and redirect them at will. In essence, Natalie has the powers of invulnerability through absorption and repulsion when her powers are active. You could say that her powers are like the void, which consumes anything that enters it and releases a greater, more sinister force in return.

    Contrary to what it might seem, Natalie's powers do have some shortfalls. While she can become invulnerable, she is only completely immune to typical harm when her entire body is coated in the essence of the abyss. This is clearly identified by areas where her skin has changed to an ebony black color. If Nat is completely coated in her Abyssal Shroud, it also turns her hair into a dull bluish-gray slate color while her irises turn red and her sclera darken to a nighttime black. For this reason, Nat is most susceptible when she's not using her powers or only coats part of her body in her shroud, in which case striking at the unchanged regions of her body is most effective. Even so, she still has weaknesses while in her shroud. Her ranged capabilities are limited to any standard weapon she has on her or anything she can repel. For this reason, keeping your distance from her is ideal while dealing damage carefully to avoid her sending it back at you. However, Natalie's other weakness is in forcing her to absorb too much too quickly. Large explosions or powerful attacks can overwhelm her as well as forcing her to absorb a continuous assault over a period of time. If she becomes too overwhelmed, she will try to retreat or succumb to fatigue, becoming delirious, vomiting, or passing out, forcing her Abyssal Shroud to recede and leaving her completely helpless.

    Overuse of her powers have also led to her skin growing dark as if her body is covered in burned spots. This had led to a series of intense surges of pain in the inflicted areas with no warning. Natalie has been unable to find a cure and for now, she's forced to cope with the fact that her body is slowly deteriorating from her powers.
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