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Wow, it's been a while. I really don't remember most of what happened since my last post, all I know is I'm currently saved in front of Winona waiting to earn my sixth badge. Oh, I do remember that I was going to attempt to catch a Feebas for this run, and when I realized how much of a hassle it would be to evolve it, I decided against it. But, I will say that my team has changed quite a bit.

Atsila the Combusken
Level 30 | Bashful | Female
Double Kick | Bulk Up | Peck | Ember

Fuscia the Sableye
Level 31 | Quiet | Female
Faint Attack | Scratch | Fake Out | Night Shade

Priscilla the Gardevoir
Level 31 | Quiet | Female
Calm Mind | Confusion | Double Team | Psychic

Goggles the Trapinch
Level 30 | Rash | Female
Bite | Sand Attack | Faint Attack | Sand Tomb

Lucy the Elektrike
Level 31 | Rash | Female
Shock Wave | Thunder Wave | Quick Attack | Howl

Dishes the Lombre
Level 20 | Rash | Male
Fake Out | Growl | Absorb | Nature Power

And a special thanks to TwilightBlade for helping with the code.

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