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Main Information:
Name: James Anthony Hazen
Alias: Havoc
Age: 21
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 185 pounds, about 84 KG
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Nationality: American
Atlantean Tattoo: James's tattoo is located on the left side of his neck. It is circular in shape, with eight ragged, uneven arrows extending outwards from the center. The tattoo is rather large, covered the whole side of his neck. Reference Picture

Physical: James is a fit and well-built individual, but not to the extent of being overly muscled. Many describe James more as a man with moderate muscle development, not enough to suggest that he is constantly found at the gym, but enough to know he frequents them occasionally, and at the very least watches what he eats, or exercises in some other way. He has a standard build with long legs and long arms, and a pronounced, strong appearing jaw line. James's skin is slightly tanned, resulting from exposure to the sun. His hair is a dark black and kept quite short, his preferred style. He has a little bit of facial hair, usually the outline of a beard that he trims to a certain, relatively small length. His eyes are green, but are noticeably a rather dull shade than the usually bright one found in many others.

Clothing: James wears what he would call comfortable clothes. He usually doesn't care much for style, and his clothes reflect that. He is found on most occasions wearing a plain white t-shirt. However, it is possible for him to wear a different colored one, including blue, black, or gray. These shirts often contain no logos or markings of any sort. James wears normal jeans, which are usually in blue, dark blue, or grey-blue. He sports a pair of running shoes, which he wears for comfort rather than style. On the occasion of extreme cold, James could be seen wearing a casual winter jacket, usually in plain colors of either gray or black.
James is an interesting character. Because of the setting he grew up in, James had come to detest tranquil and peaceful environments. It is not necessarily that he hates the environment itself, but rather he had grown bored of its repetition. He found himself disliking the idea of life being so neat and methodical. Because of this, he hates when things go according to plan. He prefers when surprises and unexpected things happen, especially ones that take many people by surprise. Often he maintains a view of ‘the bigger the surprise, the better’. James always seemed to be a fan of the idea of disorder, or at least the idea that things shouldn’t always be so regulated and controlled. Yet, because he lives where he does, surprises don’t come often, and James is often seen in a rather sulky mood, which is the one most people have come to believe is his genuine personality. He has taken to being aloof and unconcerned of much that goes on around him. One might often catch him taking a nap, or perhaps staring off into the sky, counting clouds, or other mundane activities. This is often because little else among people around him piques his interest. His lack of interest is seen by many as lethargic, but this state of mind is a result not of laziness, but rather of a point that he believes there is no reason to do so.

When in these moods, which he is quite often, he usually avoids conversing with others, preferring minimal contact with others. He doesn’t demur from speaking his mind however, and isn’t afraid of what he says. Because of that, he comes off as being quite blunt, some going as to say uncaring, which wouldn’t be too far away from the truth too. The fact of the matter is that he doesn’t care about almost anyone other than himself, at least genuinely. James understands that the most important person in his life is himself, and he will do anything he can, no matter how brazen or selfish, to protect and indulge himself.

Then, there’s another side of James, one that comes out whenever he is finding himself enjoying something quite a lot. On the off chance that James becomes excited or passionate about something, he would often go to great lengths to maintain this state of enjoyment, even if it comes at the expense of others. Naturally this doesn’t happen often, and if it does, it doesn’t last for very long, James often getting easily bored or disinterested in things. However, if it does happen to be maintained for a while, James would be found in a quite different disposition, in which he is more talkative and louder.
James grew up and lived on the island of Hawaii, in the city of Honolulu. He had lived there his entire life, never once stepping foot to another country, nor another state in the United States. His parents were typical folk of the area, enjoying the peaceful environment, and relishing in the slow, calm, tranquil life. They tended not to be dwelling people, and tried to do their best to maintain this relaxing environment in their home. James grew up in this home, and knew from a fairly early age that this wasn’t the life he wanted. The idea of everything being so peaceful and quaint disturbed him, often for reasons he didn’t know. He found himself uncomfortable and uneasy, as if this was not the normal state of things. Still, he was in no position to do anything about it, and thus he lived in this lifestyle. His childhood and adolescent years were forgettable, nothing remotely interesting happening during them, other than the usual experiences children and teens would often go through. James went to the local schools in the area, making some friends but never keeping them for long because of his disinterest in doing most of the activities they wanted to do. Often James found himself fantasizing about things suddenly happening around town, like a building blowing up, or an airplane crashing. Maybe an animal of some sort attacking the school. James even imagined sometimes that a car crash would happen in front of him. It was weird things to imagine, but truthfully, James wished something like that could happen. Needless to say, things of that nature rarely happened. Having one of the lowest crime and accident rates in the country, life in Honolulu was slow, too slow for James.

James graduated high school normally, and began going to the local university while also taking on a job. It was slow work, and just like the environment back home, nothing much of interest to him ever seeming to happen. He hated going to social gatherings of the university, and avoided parties and other activities like that. However, he did pick up books that interested him while at the university. In his time spent, much would be in the library, reading through whatever he found intriguing. Among these included books of fictional nature. Some that he picked up to read included Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Fear by Ron Hubbard, and Dune by Frank Herbert. James was also very intrigued by the writings of Thomas Hobbes, and his book Leviathan. It was a fascinating read for him, and one of the books that influenced him the most in his life, particularly in regards to Hobbes' identification of the state of nature as Bellum omnium contra omnes, as he put it, or "the war of all against all". Vivid imaginations of novels were apart of his daily daydreaming, but nothing ever came from them. James seemed to be destined with his dull life for the rest of his days. Or so he thought.

The day came when the Atlanteans revealed themselves to the world. To James, it was an event of catastrophic significance. He thought of the possibilities that could happen, but cursed that he was stuck in the environment he was in. That is, until his own Atlantean tattoo appeared on his neck. The following weeks were filled with James trying to figure out more about his ability, learning something new about it every day. James knew that something big was coming as a result of all of this. It filled him with renewed energy and excitement. The problem James now faced was trying to figure out if this event would come find him, or if he was to seek it out. Unsure, James continued to discover all he could about his ability, while quitting his university, although maintain his job for the moment, on the chance that he may need the money.
James has the power of electric manipulation. He is able to alter the movement of electrons, allowing them almost any electricity based power. The power of his electricity would often depend on the electric based power he uses. A light bulb would generate about the least amount of electric discharge, while a thunderstorm, for example, is where his power is most potent. Simple powers would include the ability to generate electricity, shoot lightning, or overload a circuit. He cannot control the electric technology, only gather energy from it for an attack. His abilities are also more potent in water, and can often be devastating on a user or object.

It is also difficult for him to use electricity if there is no base of electricity around for him to use. Still, sources are often not hard to find, as many people in today’s day and age have objects as simple as a cell phone and ipod which James can use as an electrical energy sources. However, there are also repercussions for using high based electrical sources, like a thunderstorm for example. James's ability taps into his nervous system, particularly that in his arms, and flows outwards as an attack. The use of higher based electrical attacks can often discombobulate his nervous system and leave his hands burning and numb. Continuous exposure to high degrees of lightning can caused permanent numbness and even loss of ability to move his arms. Furthermore, exposure to large amounts of electrical energy maintained inside of his body could potentially do damage to other parts of his nervous system, as well as perhaps his organs. For that reason, he tends not to store this energy inside of his body for too long.
Writing Sample:

It was another day in Honolulu, Hawaii. The sun shone brilliantly in the sky. The birds cooed and cawed their cries of approval of the weather, gliding through the air with grace and elegance. The white foam of the waves crashed upon the beach in a tranquil, methodical, almost beautiful rotation of push and pull, traveling across the glistening sand, before being pulled back into the ocean. Children in bathing suits played in these waters, while their parents relaxed on their blankets, enjoyed this soothing environment, completely removed from the troubles of their lives. Traffic was as usual minimal, with the drivers polite and friendly, obeying all signs and none with any hint of haste or expedience. You couldn’t ask for a better environment to be raised. Right?

Damn wrong. I’ve always hated this place. I don’t see any majestic, wondrous dwelling. I see a cancerous death ball trying desperately to make sure we’re all as uncomfortable as possible. I see disease-carrying rats with wings ready to make the world a little more sh*tty…literally. I see water flooded with piss, sh*t, and puke, (don’t lie, you all know it’s been done in there before) some of which many have the pleasure of being digested on occasions. I see snot-nosed brats splashing around in this f*cking water and getting my clothes wet, and then smile at me and think they’re funny. I see their parents not giving a damn. I see people going about their lives, with no sense of purpose or fulfillment, and the worst of it is that even if I don’t want to be, I am apart of it.

James Hazen’s who I am. Local student at Honolulu U, working part-time out of the “Kwik-E-Mart”, as I like to call it. And no, I’m not some emo punk viewing everything in a dark and creepy manner. The truth is, as much as I want to see the world the way I described, it really is seen in the former way. Even by me. Frankly, I’m just bored as hell here, so I try to do whatever I can to snap myself out of it. Sometimes, even resorting to seeing things in a pessimistic light is better than seeing it as it actually is. I mean, come on, wouldn’t it be better if the sun was some deathball, or all birds really did carry some disease, trying their hardest to make us a little less paranoid, and a little more panicky? Just me? Ah well. I guess that’s just the way I am. Growing up here, I’ve realized how much I hate the peaceful, repetition, downright boring life we have. We all go about our days the same way we did the day before, and we’ll go about our next one the same way we did today.

But what if we didn’t? What if the next day, a plane crashes into the ocean in front of us, causing panic all around? Or a disease broke out in town that mutates us into savages of our former selves? Or maybe aliens come down, and try to enslave us all? Yea, sure people will die. It’s not like I’m gunning for that exactly. But damn, can’t something happen? I’m not asking for much. Maybe an armed robbery, a hostage situation, a building implosion? How about something as simple as a car crash? You see, it’s not that I hate peace, or I’m a glutton for pain. I don’t necessarily want people to die. What I hate is this idea of repetition. This sense of absolute security. This notion that everything always goes according to plan. Thomas Jefferson once said that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing. Frederick Nietzsche said that you must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star. Thomas Hobbes articulated the concept of Bellum omnium contra omnes, “the war of all against all”, suggesting that we in the state of nature are in a constant struggle against everyone and everything. Yea, I believe that, but damn what I’d give for a sign of that to be true.

So here I wait, on my balcony, drinking a beer while watching people at the beach enjoying themselves, watching the traffic pass back and forth, and watching the waves push and pull themselves across the sand. It’s in the waves I focus most of my attention. The reason for which I’m not sure. I guess I’m waiting to see if anything would happen to break the cycle. Here they go, back and forth, pushing and pulling, a constant cycle. I watched them intently, wondering if the next push or the next pull would wield anything different. A few minutes pass, maybe more than that, I’m not sure. But as I thought, nothing new, the same motion. Everything going according to plan.

Then something happened. I wasn’t sure if my brained imagined it happen, or if it really did occur. The children backed off the waves. Some of them cried, some of them fell back. Others simply rubbed parts of their bodies that had touched the water. They ran to their parents, as I observed from my window, trying to decipher what had happened. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like something had momentarily stopped the flow of the waves. They didn’t push forward like they usually did. They appeared to halt, then disrupt, as if something had fallen all across them, before breaking off and crashing under the following wave which resumed the cycle. But I was sure I caught it. A break in the cycle. A disruption. Something happened. I watched the waves for about an hour longer, wondering if the disruption would appear again. No luck. I took a look at the beer in my hands, wondering if the source of which was a simple trick of the mind played by man’s true best friend.

I sighed and left the balcony, feeling buzzed and tired. Throwing the bottle to the trash can, I hear the glass make contact with the bottom and shatter, but didn’t give two sh*ts about it as I collapsed on my bed, for some reason feeling rather tired. Another day in my own hell.

Oww. Waking up wasn’t very pleasant. A sharp pain on my neck, like a swarm of wasps unanimously decided, “Alright, this guy’s neck is going down.” I drew myself off of the bed, stumbling across the room to the bathroom. I hoped I had some meds in the cabinet I could take to get rid of the pain. On my salary, not likely. I couldn’t even afford decent lights. I mean, what the hell is wrong with them, flickering like that? I just put in new ones too. Could it get any worse?

Apparently. I looked in the mirror, and saw for the first time what was on my neck. A marking. It was a tattoo. What. The. F*ck? When did I get that? It stung with pain. Like it was recently placed on. I ran to the door, wondering if someone had the balls to sneak into my place while I was asleep and put it on. However they managed to do that while I was asleep without me waking up, I had no damn idea. I sprinted to the door, noticing the lights flicker more. It was strange, as it wasn’t just the light I had on, but every light in the house. All of them flickered uncontrollably as I made my way to the door, testing it to make sure it was locked. I went to the window, doing the same. Both locked, no sign of entry, no nothing. The mark on my neck burned, causing intense pain to shoot not at that source, but throughout my body. I dropped to the floor, holding the source of the pain, as if doing so would lessen it. The lights flicked more sporadically over my head. I grunted in pain on the floor, wondering what was going on. What the hell was happening to me? The lights flickered more, now going faster, flashing on for mere seconds before turning off, continuously, not rhythm in sight, just random, chaotic flickering. The pain grew more intense, until eventually, I let out a scream. A scream which pierced the room. I felt at that moment as if all the pain had released from inside me, and to my surprise, I witnessed it too. All of the lights, in almost perfect unison, broke, the light bulb glass shattering, and the light sources visibly making their way to me as a sort of energy stream. Just as I let out the scream, whatever had passed through me exited my body in a similar fashion, bolts of electricity firing across the corners of my apartment, bouncing off in random directions, until eventually colliding with parts of the walls and leaving marks of black wounds. I stopped screaming, and panted, my eyes fixated on the floor, laying upon the ground of my entirely dark apartment. I looked up for the first time to see the carnage that was caused by whatever had just happened. Objects were broken all across the room. Holes and burns were embedded into the walls. Glass littered the floor. The pain was gone from my neck, though, and I stood up, and looked around, my mouth ajar. It took me a few moments to gather myself before I could do anything else but stare. I wasn’t sure if anything was in my mind. I didn’t ask myself what had happened. I didn’t wonder if I was dreaming. I simply stared, and in my mind was nothing but a void of nothingness.

When I finally did snap out of this, the questions poured in, of which I had no answers for. I looked down at my hand, as I noticed sparks of the remains of electricity flickered off of it. I could still feel it. Some of it…deep inside me. I wasn’t sure how I knew, but I knew it was there. I had to be sure this wasn’t a dream, so I lifted my arm up once more, and fired at a picture on the wall. Whatever was there before, I wouldn’t know, as all that remained of it was a charred piece of broken wood and glass, as a volt of electric energy shot out of my hand, and clumsily hit the wall, smashing the picture off of it while leaving it in a broken mess.

“Holy…sh*t.”, was all I could mutter under my breath. I wasn’t sure what it was I stumbled upon, what sort of freak of nature occurrence I just witnessed. I still had hundreds of questions in my mind, and no answers. But I did know one thing: this sure as hell was not according to plan.

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