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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Ability[INDENT]Hell is how one might describe the powers Natalie wields. She can convert portions of her body or substances that she touches into a smoldering black, flame-like gas that occasionally has a dull red glow or spark fly out of it.
Okay, so, I actually really like the whole love/hate side effects, and how any kind of love can immediately cease powers, but the actual power of instantaneous death is kind of... too much! As our characters develop their abilities, I fear that your character could pretty much wipe out everybody everywhere if someone was to make fun of her hair or something.

So, maybe something a little less... death. I actually wouldn't mind turn to stone to try and keep with the hellish feel (like, if she grabbed an arm, she could turn it to stone in like 30 seconds and the entire body within 5 minutes (with a good amount of practice. At the beginning of the roleplay, everyone sucks at their powers) and the effect might wear off within an hour or 5 hours or something) or perhaps even just fire manipulation.

So yeah, I'm loving the creativity but I'm afraid your ability is just too over powered! If you need any more help, just give either me or Ichiro a hollah.
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