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    Toshiro's new post got me motivated, as I've been talking about this for a while, and I'd like to help revive the IRC. I go into the IRC quite often and it's usually, sadly, dead. Let's make it have a comeback for good this time. I know I've heard some people say it's hopeless but.. heck I think it's worth another shot.

    I've spoken to Toujours just shortly now about it. Some suggestions could be that mods can implement the IRC into their section rules or something. I think part of the problem is that people aren't really aware that it exists, or know how to get to it.

    I was also thinking, maybe we can do something special to keep it going. Toujours suggested a PC trivia bot, which I think would be cool! Or even a trivia night (though sadly I dont have enough pokemon knowlege to host that.)
    Another idea I thought, was to have section-specific events, like fridays would be GE Night. We could all watch a common show then (like a cooking show, or horror films, that we could get youtube links for, though there is no obligation for it) or just chat GE.. music, movies, games? Then maybe every Monday have a Pokemon X and Y in-depth discussion night/ day or something? Something to motivate members to come in and chat. Or heck.. maybe even a "Funny Youtube Video Night" or "you laugh you lose game night."

    I'd like to open this up to members suggestions as well. You guys have some pretty good ideas so let's hear it. And please remember to be open to ideas before disagreeing with them them, or if you're gonna dispute one, please add something of your own to keep the suggestions coming!

    How could we help fix activity in the IRC? What would you like to see? What will keep it going?
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