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    Ok, here we go :

    Normal : Audino. Ugghhh....Dumb.
    Grass : Oddish. Just what the hell?
    Fire : Heatmor. Doesn't really have much effort in design.
    Water : Tympole. Stupid....
    Electric : Tynamo. It's a dumb pokemon.
    Bug : Illumise. I hate that damn bug.
    Poison : Ekans. Look at the face.
    Fighting : Croagunk. Damn ugly..
    Ground : Swinub. More like Swinoob, doesn't make sense right? Other than that it's dumb.
    Flying : Hoothoot. dafuq?
    Ice : Cryogonal. I don't really get it.
    Dark : Vullaby. It's horrible.
    Psychic : Ralts. It's evos are 10x better.
    Steel : Foretress. Crap...I don't know what to say.
    Ghost : Shuppet. looks like a handkerchief.
    Dragon : Deino. No eyes, seriously...