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Takumi Makkusu - I Regret Making Contact

I got terrified of Tantrum, but I stood my ground. What else? Some weird girl appears & claims that I'm a human. Oh cr*p! "Human? I'm no human! I'm just your average Youkai!" I laugh nervously & wave my hand towards the girl. Did I mention she nicknamed me Normi? I find that offensive.

Solo, as Eva Eva a boy or girl? Anyway, Solo... It doesn't sound right, but whatever. Tantrum is out the window, Solo enters. I might listen to Solo, might. Ok, I will leave.

That is, until Higoroshi-sensei appeared out of nowhere. He looks damaged, & he tells us to head to classroom 13. I wonder why. He also mentions Mana was stalking me. Uh, why was Mana stalking my? That's when I heard Mana nearby. She looks & sounds different. Uh... I'm blushing, also terrified. Mana has a totally different appearance. How did she do that anyway?

Anyhow I don't what happened next. "Uh..." I only stare at everybody & head for classroom 13, as Higoroshi-sensei instructs. I wonder what the problem is anyway. Well, I'll soon find out.

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