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I don't think the name Unova wasn't supposed to be based of America even though alot of the places within the game do resemble it, You add a wild V out of nowhere which just makes me think that is kind of a stab at nothing. If you look up the meaning of the word Unova on Bulbapedia it will tell you that it means "one" or "united" which has quite a good meaning in the pokemon world, especially with the storyline given to use in Black and White.

As for what the possible name could be for the region, it's hard to say really the names of the previous generations have never really gone of anything specific (I am not talking about the actual landscapes of the regions just about the names). I think that it might be something that sounds slightly French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese or German just as a general opinion but this speculation thread is probably one of the hardest ones to put a actual idea together on.

Some people will get all technical and say well actually if you google the region names it gives you the meaning and where what there Japanese/Chinese names mean, but if you actually look at the most it's more just old sayings rather than any relation to an actual place.

Good topic to discuss though!
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