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    Originally Posted by RawrJoey View Post
    With all due respect, this uses RMX-OS. It can be done.

    Edit: Should also mention, it uses Essentials 11.
    I never said it can't be done. I am well aware of RMX-OS, and I know it can be edited to work with Essentials. Some posts above explain why that isn't an ideal resource we are looking for though.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Overhauling the battle scripts to get/use/write that information is a whole other nightmare.
    Once/if we get a stable enough method for communicating information between the two machines, I'd have no objection in trying to implement PVP functionality into the Battle System. My mind may change when it comes to doing it, but for now it's open to contribution.

    Originally Posted by Jtspyder View Post
    There already is an Online version of Pokemon Essentials. Chat works and such. Only thing that needs to be done (and is currently being developed) is the trading and PVP battle system. So a lot of you are pretty bonkers when you're saying "IT WOULD REQUIRE TONS OF CODING BLABALBLABLBALALBALBA" because 1 user did it by himself and bam, it's online now.

    It is downloadable but it's on a different website. Have fun! :-D
    That one person working on the Online Kit is my close, personal friend from school. He shared the project with me, and at one point I was even contributing to it, so I know exactly how the kit works, what it can and cannot do. The link was posted on this site, and the kit in general hasn't been continued for a few years now. I think it's pretty safe to assume that I currently know more about PE: Online than you. So, unless you have extensive knowledge of both kits (Online and regular) and RGSS coding, your remark isn't constructive/helpful at all. So for future references, think twice before posting please.

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