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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    If you had a MySQL database, and you had somewhere to upload it to, you could easily use it for online battles as well as a GTS. Well, you could use it to store information about the battle in progress, is what I meant. Overhauling the battle scripts to get/use/write that information is a whole other nightmare.
    My point is: Why we will use a server to a simples two player features (normal trades and battles)? Sockets may do a better job, won't do?

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    There's that "need" again...
    Oops. Let's me try again: Basic features goes first!

    Originally Posted by Jtspyder View Post
    There already is an Online version of Pokemon Essentials. Chat works and such. Only thing that needs to be done (and is currently being developed) is the trading and PVP battle system. So a lot of you are pretty bonkers when you're saying "IT WOULD REQUIRE TONS OF CODING BLABALBLABLBALALBALBA" because 1 user did it by himself and bam, it's online now.

    It is downloadable but it's on a different website. Have fun! :-D
    The PVP battles probably requires a bigger effort.
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