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*I searched there was a thread on this but the last post was in October. So since you can't/shouldn't post in a thread that's over 4 months old, I decided to make a new one!*

In Black 2 and White 2, a new section was added to the Bag known as Free Space which allows players to select items they use alot and move them to the extra pocket or Free Space so they can be easily accessed.

What do you think of this feature? Have you used it and find it useful? If you used it , what kind of items do you move to the Free Space? Would you like to see the Free Scape return in future games?

Personally I didn't use it when I first started play the games and thought it was rather pointless. But yesterday when playing Black 2, I thought i make use of it and I find it pretty nifty. Makes the Bag more organized and I can access items I use easier without spending time going through my bag. Right now, the only items in the Free Space are my Poke Balls and Great Balls, though I might added more kinds of Poke Balls and the potions too.
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