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Here is my angel SU


Name: Caradoc

Sex: Male

Physical Age: 21

Likes: (HIS) Maeve, music, most anything beautiful or artistic

Dislikes: Anything that upsets Maeve, unintelligent people, ugly things (not people mostly)

Dreams: To truly meet with Maeve and speak with her, with no repercussions

Fears: Maeve’s death, punishment for breaking the rules.

Appearance: Caradoc would be considered handsome by any human who saw him, despite being an albino. He has the typical snowy white hair and wings that match and an angular face that could really only be describes as “sharp but angelic”... possibly because he’s an angel. His eyes are deep and a dark red colour and his hair is long. He wears his hair with a spiky fringe with the rest straight and tied in a pony-tail that comes to the base of his neck. He appears to be in good shape, although no exercise is necessary of course and has long, black eye-lashes. His wings are the same snowy white as his hair and he stands at over six feet tall.

Caradoc is generally sharply dressed. He wears a black suit with the shirt below it being a dark crimson colour and usually with the first two buttons undone. He has a single gold chain around his neck and has patent leather dress shoes on.

Personality: Caradoc has what could be called an addictive, or more accurately, obsessive personality. What is he obsessed with? Apart from the various things he considers beautiful on Earth (flowers, trees, animals, music) his chief obsession is Maeve, his charge. He watches her intently, enjoying that more than anything. He not just dreams, but lusts for the opportunity to truly meet the girl and believes that she can do no wrong in the world. If a demon, or for some reason a fellow angel, were to attempt to harm her they would certainly endure his wrath.

Caradoc, despite his unhealthy obsession, is actually a very intelligent person being highly capable of understanding the world around him and the minds of people; except for those who dislike Maeve... how could anyone dislike Maeve? He is generally passive also and never interacts with the world around him if he can help it (for fear of not being able to see Maeve anymore), even if that means he as to watch events he disproves of occur.

History: Cardoc has had a few charges before but became a different person as he watched each and every one of them grow old and eventually die. When his last charge before Maeve died he was finally sent over the edge becoming the fearful and obsessive angel he is in the present day.

Maeve has watched Mae grow from a sweet tempered little girl into the independent young woman she is today and is proud of how far she has come, saddened by the resentment she felt by how she was treated by others and wishing he could change her life for the better.

Cadaroc was there during her father’s rage, furious he resisted his every urge to kill the man then but remained still, hating himself all the while, for fear of never seeing his precious Maeve again. He agonised for weeks over her injury that night. He was made happy by her decision to live with her grandfather, a man who he liked. He would sometimes read the man’s writing over his shoulder as long as Maeve was still in view.

Cadaroc has faced inner turmoil watching her work hard at two hard jobs, struggling to pay bills she didn’t have to, but admiring her decision and fighting his inner voice as he watched her get heartbroken over and over again and even mugged twice, once his pushing her back saved her from having her lung punctured, although she only thought she tripped. He hopes she won’t make the same mistakes, but loves seeing her happy which has been driving him more and more insane.

Secret Code: Watch

Hope it's okay