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*deep, posh voice* Why hello there good sir.
Even though you might be a female... *eh*

Wait. Let me try again! D:


Heyas! I am DeeP 6! (Pun intended)
You can just call me Dee, though.
(I am also a female. Just pointing that out.)

I have visited this forum on and off as a ghost from the depths of guest from the other side of the other side of the world, but I never signed up... or posted. Ever.

Which usually suits me just fine, I prefer to lurk in my socially self-conscious study-room chair... lurking.

However, that doesn't really seem very... well, anything. I just got back into pokemon... digging up my poor little Pokemon White game that I left hanging somewhere after the defeat of Ghestis... Then I learn of Pokemon X and Y... and now I'm playing Diamond just so I can import Dialga. 'Cuz Dialga is cool.

Another think I've been dabbling in recently is Pixel art. Which, funnily enough, I started when I first wanted to make my own fakemon. I haven't made many fakemon recently, but I've been somewhat flirting (is that the word?) with the idea...

But something I really want to do, is make games. Maybe a Pokemon game. Maybe I'd use something from my own strange little head-cannon. I haven't decided.

Well, I think I've bored everyone to death now, so I think I shall stop XD
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