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Black 3 White 3
1 year after the events of Black 2 White 2, the Unova region is peaceful. Unbeknownst to the people of the Region N watches over them as a silent guardian through the newly reformed Team Plasma, making sure the calamities caused by Ghetsis and his followers never befall them again. The 3 dragons have been rightfully turned back into the dark and light stone, while Kyurem is placed as guardian over the stones in The giant Chasm, ensuring they will never see the light of day again. Nate Rosa, Hilbert and Hilda have all moved from the region, traveling the world to see its wonders, while Hugh along with Cheren join the E4. Bianca has taken over Jupiter's place as the regional Professor, and has situated her research center in Castelia City, to greet not only the new trainers of the region, but all the trainers that now arrive in Unova seeking adventure and knowledge of the New Unova. Much has changed in a year, with a newly placed hub system for easy traversal. Castelia, Undella, Straiton, and Mistralton act as central points of the region, all transportation hubs to which people can travel to with the subway. Each sub-regional area has their own E4 member representing them, and as such the old E4 has been dismantled. Hugh and Cheren are obvious for the Castelia and Straiton areas, but who are the other 2 newly appointed E4? And what about the gyms, how have they changed? The Unova areas are all balanced, with 3/ 4 city/town areas each. Unova Sotheast is Nuvema to Nacrene, with the borders lying on Pinwheel' Forest's Sky Arrow Bridge entrance, Unova Southwest is Aspertia to Castelia with a newly added marine tube allowing faster travel. Unova northwest is Nimbasa to Iccirus, while Unova Northeast is Opelucid to Undella along with Humilau City. Anville City is connected now to Mistralton via Route 24, however it remains an independent area, thanks to its newly founded battle frontier.
As aforementioned, N has taken Plasma to new heights, now aptly named Plasma Reborn, vowing to use them as the protectors of Unova, while slowly helping the people rebuild the glorious Pokemon League the region deserves. With his new place in Unova, the people have come to accept him as the King of Pokemon, and have named him the Savior of Unova. However, in the shadows evil lurks. Plasma still has members with the darkest of motives, hoping to continue Ghetsis work. Couple it with the absence of N after a mysterious storm, and the signs of turmoil are showing once more. What will happen to Unova after a year of peace and prosperity? More importantly why is the E4 suddenly Plasma Castle again, and why does it seem as if PR is abusing their powers? All and more in Pokemon Black White 3D this fall!

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