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    You told me about this, so here~ You also said it's a third right? x3


    Name: Zepheros (Zeph)

    Sex: Male

    Age: 22 - 25. He doesn't tell.

    Species: Staraptor

    Tribe : Caerulus Tribe

    Appearance: Zepheros is a medium sized Staraptor who was born with a larger wingspan than the average of his kind his kind. The red bang on his forehead is longer and heavier than normal and his gleaming red eyes often force people to look away in attempt to avoid eye-to-eye contact. As he prefers to fly freely without a lot of weight pulling him down, only his talons and the tip of his red crest are coated in metal.

    Personality: ‘Staraptor are highly aggressive and dangerous Flying-type bird Pokémon.’ - Bulbapedia.

    You would not want to cross paths with Zepheros - he saves the questions for last. This talented bird-of-prey has earned the title of ‘Sky Assassin’ and it fits him ridiculously well. Headstrong and reckless, the Staraptor cares nothing about its opponent’s life and simply tears the enemy into shreds. When the victim has fainted, Zepheros would still deliver wreckless blows upon the target with extremely brutal and violent strikes. With a habit of being carried away, he would only stop when the body is nothing more than reddish slime and bones. Simply put, if Zepheros has a chance to go on a reckless killing spree, he cannot be stopped unless someone takes the risk and pins him down. He is that ruthless.

    Zepheros’ battle style is also rather devastating. He would often use Double Team as a decoy and appear behind his victim. Swiftly after, a bolt of Toxic would guarantee its eventual death while a powerful close combat destroys it with his talons (he keeps himself levitated with his wings and releases a fast amount of kicks and jabs). As if that wasn’t enough, Zeph would continue to jab the enemy and unleash his fury onto its dead body, causing blood to splatter out like a fountain. Against humans, he can always just fly up behind the victim and pierce his neck with his talons, tearing it apart with one devastating split...or he can use the same routine.

    Personality wise, Zeph likes to go solo or attack in a small squadron with guerilla tactics instead of fighting head on. His war-cry, which is his signature Staraptor screech, strikes fear into enemies’ hearts. Despite having a little ‘apprentice’ named Patriot (Rufflet, Nakuzami), he often goes alone and ignores the fact that Patriot would be following him everywhere. After being in the tribe for years, Zeph has developed new, decent perspectives that would help him in life...but due to his traumatizing past, most of his newer concepts are kept within his mind, cloaked by his lust for the taste of blood. This makes people think that he’s nothing but a killing machine, even though if he kills for the sake of his tribe.

    In fact, he isn’t just an emotionless monster as there’s a conscience within the depths of his heart. Loyal and determined, he has no difficulty completing the tasks that are assigned to him. He also knows a couple of battle tactics (though not as much when it comes to political things) which would be decent aid to his tribe. He DOES have a more calm and serious side when it’s required, and he's willing to fight for respect and recognition. If you want guerrilla fights, assassination plans or just a great fighter than can stand up for himself, give this Staraptor a call - his battle cry (the signature Staraptor screech) is quite a morale boost for allies during a battle.

    History: PM'd

    Profession (you can be anything, from a warrior, to a hunter, to a regular farmer): 'High-class' Warrior

    Moves: Close Combat, Brave Bird, Double Team, Toxic, Hyper Beam


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