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    I'd like to be reserved for Ruber. I'll have my SU up in about an hour.

    EDIT: Ha! I guess I was thinking about rhombus when I wrote that.


    Name: Blythe

    Sex: Female

    Age: 23

    Species: Jolteon

    Tribe: Ruber

    Appearance: The static in Blythe's fur makes it unruly and unmanageable. On her ears, head, around her ruff, and along her back, it stands up sharply. Contrary to its appearance, it is not hard or rough. Instead it is soft and silky. The fur on her legs lies flat, but that is only because it is too short to stand up. Her short tail is nearly obscured by the bristly fur around it. When angry her tail twitches slightly, but it is too stiff to wag or move all that much. The fur on Blythe's head generally lies forward facing and occasionally even obscures her large dark eyes. When this happens she is struck by bolts of irritation strike her like lightning, which quickly translate into actual lightning. The electricity contained in her coat causes her to be surrounding by soft crackling sounds most of the time. These sounds grow louder when she is experiencing strong emotion, as the intensity of the electricity increases. In complete darkness the tiny bolts that hop from hair to hair throughout her coat are visible. When hiding or wishing to remain in obscurity she has to make the effort to stay as calm as possible, or else the lightning in her fur will give her away. Her paws are large and sturdy, perfect for running swiftly over harsh terrain. The stiffness of the hairs around the pads makes it nearly impossible for thorns or other debris to stick in her feet.

    Personality: The name "Blythe" means happiness. There is some irony in that. Though Blythe certainly does have moments of joy, an electric temper dominates her actions most of the time. A short fuse, determination, and a competitive spirit make her an individual that may need to be dealt with diplomatically. She follows through on every task she begins, start to finish. Quitting is not something she is familiar with, nor something she is willing to do. Anyone who gets in the way of whatever she may be trying to do is automatically an enemy. There are many who contest her way of life, human and Pokemon alike. She has no patience or tolerance for those who would try and stop her from carrying out her work. With no discrimination for age, species, or gender, she'll meet any who oppose her with bitter and vehement force. In a fight she relies mainly on electricity to incapacitate and dispose of her foes. Thunder Wave is her favorite move; if she can simply incapacitate an enemy and then walk off, she will. Not only does it save her from unnecessary effort but it always seems to infuriate them worse than a defeat would.

    Underneath this determined hunter, there is a lover of nature. Blythe loves little more than to spend her days engulfed in thick forests, swallowed by tall grass, the sun overhead and breeze in her fur. Most of her enjoyment of the hunt comes from just being out of civilization, be it human or Pokemon. Since large groups of Pokemon make her nervous, this self-employment type of job suits her very well. Her sharp, bitter personality is not very good for socialization anyway.

    Moves: Thunder Wave, Agility, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Flash

    Profession: Hunter-trapper

    Other: Blythe has a particular affinity for snares, used to drag the query up into the air by a leg caught in the loop.
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