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    So I saw that people were switching over to Ruber, so now I won't feel as guity anymore to ask if I could be reserved for Caerulus, which I will, of course, ask for.

    Name: Galeno

    Sex: Male

    Age: 36

    Species: Ampharos

    Tribe: Caerulus Tribe

    Appearance: Galeno is a tall, and well-defined Ampharos with a long and bulky tail. He is still fit for his age, even when some of the signs of ageing are creeping up on him, and he's certainly considered fit enough to serve in dire need. His rubbery yellow skin is getting paler every year, but the worn colour still shows up through the rust of age. The black bands that circumferate his neck, ears and his tail have a few cracks and clefts where the yellow skin runs through them, like chipping paint. His chest and abdomen bear a cream colour, and their borders fall crisp against the sandy yellow. His conical ears are puffed slightly. Galeno's two shimmering red orbs glow like two bright polished rubies when the electric current flows through them. He can control the glow of those orbs to an extent, being a helpful guide in the dark, though they may uncontrollably intensify in their brightness if his passion is unbridled and shine with a blinding glare. His long muzzle converges to a rounded tip and his eyes hold a fiery expression fuelled by rageing enthusiasm. His appearance may be bulky, putting him at a disadvantage at times when nimbleness and manoeuverability is necessary, but he packs the physical prowess to make up for it.

    Personality: Galeno is a sentimentalist after his father. He makes rash decisions, driven by a fiery passion to commit himself to doing justice from his personal view. He swears allegiance to his friends and to his values, and vehemently defends them against criticism. He can sometimes be irrational and unstrategic in his decisions, and is too froward to let go of it when his fervour goes turbulent. Galeno stays fiercely loyal to what he believes in, and won't back down from the opportunity to propogate them. He is a frustrated personality, and his hatred is often directed at the manipulative upper classes – the humans, and the acquiescent leaders who send the citizenry to fight their wars for them. Galeno is an idealist at heart, who strives for an enlightened future that he envisions. His dreams often seem fictitious or unachievable, yet he remains stalwart to defend them.

    On another side, he is adventurous, a fortune-hunter who seeks lucrative opportunities where they appear. His impulsive behaviour led him to become a risk-taker, a thrill-seeker, audacious and undaunted. He is willing to take the brunt for a friend if he must, and underneath the boiling emotion and patriotic fervour is a heart that wants to protect his loved ones from harm. He deems the arrival of the humans to be a direct threat to that security.

    In a fight, he is the kind of character who relies on turning over his disadvantages to an edge with clever acting on the field. He uses his strength and split second thinking to compensate for his slowth. His tactic is to incapacitate the foe at first, using attacks that can immobilise or slow down an opponent. He usually does not mean to cause harm, but in the heat of the moment or when his ideals are at stake, he might lose any kind of self-restraint.

    History: -PM'd-

    Moves: Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Charge, Electro Ball, Thunder Punch

    Profession: Merchant escort

    Other: -
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