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    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    I can see where you're coming from. It is true that we shouldn't really be posting more stories that won't get reviews to a forum that's already begging for reviews. Your idea is a good one. I just don't know for sure how many people will be willing to be regular reviewers.
    I'm inclined to believe that precisely none will, or at least so few as makes no difference. It just seems to me that people will feel like they're jettisoning their art into the void if no one responds.

    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    Then again, we would only be having the prompt challenges every third month? That was the original schedule, with a reviewing challenge the month before a prompt challenge.
    That seems the best route, given the current lack of activity here. We simply don't have the resources to deal with prompt challenges any more often than that, I think.

    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    So maybe where's a good place to start is to try and bring in new people with the CYOA thread or other threads, help those new people stick around, and in the meanwhile work on a way to show people how to review to help get the amount of reviews up.

    I'm guessing this means that we would like to try the CYOA thread after the "SHARE YOUR WRITING!!" thread? Any other ideas?
    Depends. Do we all have stuff to 'SHARE!!'? If so, there's nothing to stop us launching that immediately; the CYOA one will take a while to set up, anyway, given the fact that there's the sign-up list, time limit and all that to set up first.

    I think we have four really solid (and widely-accepted) ideas here, namely the 'SHARE YOUR WRITING!!' thread, the collaborative CYOA, the Corpse, and the prompt challenges. That's enough to start making changes, I think; like I said, flooding the forum with a mass of new threads probably won't help, and neither will meticulously crafting an elaborate ten-month-long plan of action covering the step-by-step introduction of nineteen new games and events. Given that all four of these proposed threads could well continue almost indefinitely, and would necessitate a good deal of input and activity, I think that would be enough to begin with.


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