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Not really an update, but right now, I am working on getting half my team bred. I'm totally using that rule to my advantage so that I'm not having to mono Steel this thing haha. But yeah, I've traded my old W2 team to Black and I'm in Black breeding some team members right now. My end game team should look like this:

Also, I added a rule that clarifies when the end of the challenge is for each game, and I realized that some evo items are in post game or really far off, so I added a rule allowing you to trade/hack them in if need be. And no, you can't hack a Water Stone into HGSS just because you don't like Pokethlon. Only do this if you don't have a way to get evo items before the end of your challenge, ex. Metal Coat in GSC.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!