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There were some memorable speeches that night (I thought Curfew's Shawn Christensen gave a heartfelt speech, and DDL was of course great), and then some bad ones (the visual effects speech, which was cut off by the Jaws theme, for example). It was a dull night. I thoroughly enjoyed the intro, but McFarlane's jokes were mostly hit-and-miss. He did okay hosting I guess. I admit I was a bit taken aback by the Michelle Obama appearance (I remember saying to myself, "That's the surprise presenter?!"), but I didn't mind it.

There were really no surprises, to be honest, besides that tie.

So, any films you guys are looking forward to being released this year? I can't wait for Pacific Rim and Linklater's Before Midnight, but I'm particularly excited about Ain't Them Bodies Saints. Rooney Mara has a big year ahead of her, and I'm interested in what she'll bring to the table as an actress after her Dragon Tattoo turn, but I'm admittedly a huge Casey Affleck fan and I really cannot wait for his performance here. Malick has a film or two pegged for this year too, but I can't say I'm excited for either.