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Black 3 And White 3

New protagonists visit Unova for the first time to visit someone but discover that the region became rubble, only few people are seen in the streets & our heroes discover a hurt Pokemon under some debris so they help him out & the Pokemon decides to accompany them.
It later turns out that whoever destroyed the region were Hilbert & Hilda along with their Pokemon; they were cursed & possessed by a demon-Pokemon from gen. 6 who wasn't strong enough to demolish anything himself because he is a ghost, so he chose these 2 kids because their Pokemon are strong & obedient enough for this purpose.
Our heroes seek the 2 possessed kids & the awful Pokemon possessing them, and try to help & refuge people & Pokemon all over the region along the way, after a bunch of side-quests they finally reach the demon and kill it (or make it faint ) then become national heroes...
Maybe they could start a new adventure afterwards? (the kind of adventure you get in every game)...

What do you think?