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    I usually nickname any Pokémon I think I might use in my team sometime. Also all legendaries, but for most of them it's just their actual name but without all-caps rage.

    There are some I'll name the same. The Charmander line is usually Charlizard, because of the Yogscast.
    At the start of games, there are usually rat-like and bird-like Pokémon to catch, and they'll be RatFish and BirdFish. Any rock or ground type for my team will usually be called The Baron. No-one defies The Baron!
    A temporary plant-like grass type that usually ends up with CUT and/or FLASH is usually WTFplant. Non-legendary dragon types (primarily Dragonite) are usually GreatMish. The Ralts line usually ends up as Cabbage. Vaporeon is Q. I guess I name those the same because of primarily playing ROM hacks, with a lot of the same Pokémon being in the different games. I just pretend they're the same ones, come back. Heh, and I said "some".

    Don't ever really transfer with ROMs and all. I think I did once from LeafGreen to FireRed, brought another Charizard over.
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