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    Seeing as no one attempted to dissuade me... here we go. Sorry if the spacing has gone a bit strange, it did that when I pasted it from Word.

    Name: Alexander Vance

    Nickname: Xander, Teddy Jr., Baby Bear

    Age: 15

    Sex: Male

    Dorm: Suicine Dorm (Previously Lugia Dorm)

    Appearance: Xander is an almost uncomfortably attractive young man with pale blue eyes and thick, dark hair. He is tall for his age, standing at five feet eight inches, with an athletic physique and tanned skin. His looks make him exactly the sort of person that other boys his age will loathe on sight, for not only is he attractive but he knows it. He has a strong jawline and perfect teeth, sculpted eyebrows and is always dressed impeccably. Amazing what money can buy...
    He is almost constantlys miling slightly, watching events around him with a look that suggests he knows something no one else does and finds it amusing. His left ear is pierced both in the lobe and at the top, and he often wears his Gym Badges either on or inside his jacket. His clothes are always stylish and expensive, but usually lean towards simplicity and quality rather than opulence. His tastes are understated which, infuriatingly, flatters him. (He’s my character, and I almost hate him just for his looks...)

    Personality: Xander could almost be considered two people – the one he presents to the world and the one he is inside. Inside Xander is bordering on arrogant,extremely confident within his own appearance, knowledge and abilities. He considers himself a member of the elite and superior to the majority of other people, his own age and otherwise. In others this would lead to complacency, but this self designation drives him to constantly prove to himself that he is as gifted as he believes himself to be. He works incredibly hard so that he can be as superior to everyone else as he believes himself to be, earning... most of his achievements. He is interested in other people in so far as how they can help him progress through life, interested in making “connections” rather than friends. He is by no means a sociopath,and empathises with others, but puts his own needs and interests first. He willv ery gladly assist those who need his help, but will usually do so as a means of strengthening his bond to them and putting them in his debt.
    When dealing with others Xander makes an effort to be charming, although usually comes across as a little smug. That being said, he is generally courteous and complimentary to others, regardless of what he truly thinks, and usually gets on well with people who do not see class as an issue. To people who have had a more difficult start in life he can give off a “rich kid” vibe, and does little to dissuade this line of thinking. Proud of his background Xander does not consider his wealth (or how it was obtained) something to be ashamed of. He respects authority, where he feels it is deserved, and understands that working the system is usually a better way of getting what you want than working outside of the rules. Restrictions are there to be bent, manipulated and pushed to their limit rather than out and out broken – unless no other course of action presents itself.
    When dealing with Pokémon Xander is neither excessively caring nor cruel. Pokémon are not friends to be coddled and share your life with, but they are not tools to be simply used. They are trusted partners and should be treated with respect and dedication so that they will treat you the same. He will push them to their limits, ensuring they understand it is for their own good. He does view some Pokémon as superior to others, and although he doesn’t consider certain Pokémon useless he has no qualms about stating his lack of use for them. When battling he is focused and methodical, preferring an aggressive power based style.
    Due to his views on certain Pokémon it is easy for him to underestimate them, leaving himself open to upsetting defeats. He has a temper that he keeps under tight check, but when pushed could snap. His moral code could be described as loose at best, which may cause problems for him in the future. He is extremely proud of his family and will defend their name under any circumstance, often losing sight of more important matters. Reputation is everything to him, and if his name is besmirched he will do his best to redeem it – though what he considers damaging to his reputation may not always be what is expected. He loathes the moniker the media hasgiven him, “Baby Bear”, and does not respond to it well. At all. At all.

    History: Alexander “Baby Bear” Vance is the only child of Theodore “Teddy Bear”and Isabella “Momma Bear” Vance. Always wealthy and well respected in their home town of Goldenrod City in the Johto region it wasn’t until Xander was older that he came to understand exactly where his families luxuries came from. His father is a mid-level Capo for the notorious Team Rocket, involved in racketeering, smuggling, gambling, counterfeiting, illegal Pokémon fights and a variety of other seedy activities. Far from being horrified by this revelation Xander accepted it – though he never learned the true extent of his father’s work. He respected the strength it took to step outside of the acceptable and carve a good life, and that his Father rarely got his own hands dirty. His father was a leader and strong of character. Despite this admiration Xander has no immediate desire to join Team Rocket himself, considering it a restricting move.

    His father did, however, perhaps rely too heavily on those working for him. It was important to forge relationships with others in order to advance your own position, but when the chips are down you need to be able to rely on yourself. This philosophy was what led Xander to Pokémon training as well as constant self improvement. In a world where people walked around with ferocious living weapons in their pocket, he would not be caught unprepared. His father’s money and connections meant that Xander was able to acquire not one but two starter pokemon, a Charmander and Totodile. He challenged both of the closest Gyms when he obtained these Pokemon, earning himself both the Boulder Badge and the Zephyr Badge. Once he was old enough he enrolled in the Pokemon Trainer Academy, passing every exam with flying colours and receiving a placement in the coveted White Lugia Dorm. While on the island Xander proved himself an excellent student, and displayed no sign of becoming involved in unsavoury behaviour like his father. While there he captured a Nidoran(Male), adding some versatility to his team.
    Last year however he was called away unexpectedly. His father had been arrested and was on trial for a plethora of crimes, forcing Xander to take a leave of absence from his studies to be with his family. The Vance’s turned to the lawyers they had used for years, the renowned Bernavard family. Xander had known them somewhat for years,having attended their parties with his parents a number of times, and even making the acquaintance of Lucia Bernavard, with whom he developed a cordial relationship. Both the children of successful parents whom the media viewed negatively they had a degree in common. Theodore Vance was, naturally, found innocent thanks to the expert work of the Bernavard’s, allowing the family to return to a degree of normality, although he is now much more careful about being directly involved in his organisations work...
    Xander found very little time to train during the drawn-out trial, and is aware that he has likely fallen behind the majority of his peers back at the Academy. With what little time he was able to find to train he was able to evolve his Nidoran(Male) into a Nidorino, considerably increasing the Pokémon’s power. Now as he returns to the Academy to resume his studies he is determined to make up for lost time and become the premier trainer on the island. Having discovered that the Lugia Dorm has been disbanded and he has been moved to (in his mind, the far inferior) Suicine Dorm he is determined to only be associated with his previous Dorm or none at all.


    Species:Totodile (Male)
    Nickname: n/a
    Personality: Totodile is a largely lazy Pokémon, taking regular opportunitiesto nap when not watched by Xander, but has the same fiery temper as histrainer.
    Lvl: 15
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Scary Face
    Ability: Torrent

    Species: Charmander (Male)
    Nickname: n/a
    Personality: Charmander holds the same smug attitude that histrainer quietly harbours, considering himself superior to all other Pokémon. Hewould consider battles beneath him if not pushed by his trainer.
    Lvl: 14
    Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, SmokeScreen
    Ability: Blaze

    Species: Nidorino
    Nickname: n/a
    Personality: Nidorino is an extremely combative Pokémon, pickingfights and accepting challenges in equal measure. He is the most battle-eagerof Xander’s Pokémon and the most eager to train.
    Lvl: 19
    Moves: Beat Up (Egg Move), Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick,Poison Sting
    Ability: Rivalry