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Hello, all. It is I, Houdini. No, it's just Xilfer123. This RP seems immensely popular, since it still hasn't died. When will it die?! Anyway, I think it might be interesting to try this out, although I won't be too active because of studies, and the like. I prefer to deliver my SU up front, so here it is:

Name: Desmond Castelia

Nickname: Dez

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Entei Dorm


The first thing that may come to your mind when seeing Dez is: creepy. One of his most defining features is his peculiar eye color - or eye colors - since each eye has an individual color of its own. Dez was born with this condition, known as heterochromia, and has lived with it his entire life. One of his eyes is a medium shade of blue, while the other is an eerie shade of yellow, an eye color which is unheard of on humans. His grey hair is also an outstandin feature, since most do not have such a hair color before the age of forty. However, similarly to his heterochromia, Dez was born with this. It isn't a condition, it is simply a matter of genetics. He keeps his hair messy most of the time, saying it's just his style. One will often find him wearing a black cap with four yellow markings on it. His eyebrows are rather thin, and are the same grey color as his messy bundle of hair. His skin is very bleak and white, despite the fact that he does get sufficient exposure to the sun.

Dez has a skinny build, is about 5 ft '9 tall, and only weighs about 100 pounds, but he uses this to his advantage. His lightweight form renders him a very fast sprinter, though he doesn't have much stamina to back up his speed. Dez is always seen wearing his pendant, even when he goes to bed. The pendant is attached to a small, thin loop of thread which makes its way around his neck, and consists of a black star with a golden eye in the middle. He keeps his pendant underneath his red and white striped shirt most of the time, for fear that someone might try to take it. Over his shirt, he wears a simple black jacket, with two stripes going across the front vertically. The stripes are colored a lighter shade of Myrtle green. On the jacket's right shoulder, there is a yellow design of a Pokeball.

Personality: Dez is somewhat reclusive due to events in his past, and is distrustful of most people until he can get to know them better. In his eyes, everyone around him is below him unless they prove themselves otherwise. This makes him rather full of himself. He is proud of his power and of that of his Pokemon, and always has his eyes set on achieving greater glory. He is ambitious and will do anything to get where he wants to be. Despite his mistrust towards his fellow man, Dez finds great solace in the company of his Pokemon allies, referring to them as his only friends, and the only friends he will ever need. To him, the only people he will ever really need to associate with are people will get him closer to achieving his goal, which is that of becoming a Ghost-type Pokemon master. As a result, the only people he has much of a friendship with are his teachers, the people who will give him the knowledge he needs to get where he wants to be.

Dez's ambition is only rivaled by his bravery. The young ghost-type user will fearlessly face anything thrown his way, which is exactly why he has such excellent mastery over Ghost types. While the ghost Pokemon attempt to instill fear into the hearts of people to get their way, Dez is able to stand up to them with absolute confidence and no fear, thereby rendering their only weapon useless, and leaving them at his command. Dez is also very stubborn, and he has to be, because controlling ghost type Pokemon requires great stubbornness in order to resist the sly suggestions that a ghost may attempt to trick him with. Despite the fact that Dez is pretty much the opposite of his ghost type allies, he gets along very well with them, and has a bit of a rivalry with a few of them. Even though his Pokemon like him, it is in their nature to try to mess with his mind, but Dez has made himself tempered to resist their mischievousness.

History: Dez was born in the city of his namesake: Castelia City, in the Unova region. He was born into a family of wealth, since his father, Mortimer Castelia, was the mayor of the city. Mortimer had his name changed to Castelia to show his devotion to the city shortly before Dez was born, causing him to inherit the name. One would have expected Dez's childhood to be full of luxury and privilege, but alas, it was not so. Since he was but a little boy, Dez had become shunned by his parents. The two were perfectionists, and expected Dez to be their perfect little pet. He was far from it. The two saw him as a failed attempt, and had another child, Mortimer Castelia II, or Mort for short. Mort turned out to be their ideal child, and, for the most part, Dez ended up living in the shadow of his younger brother. He was often picked on at school for his condition and the fact that he was filthy rich, but he did not mind much, and most of the bullies, seeing that trying to anger him was pointless, drifted away and found some other poor victim. Everything else in Dez's life slowly faded away, too. His perfect little brother was pampered and adored by both his parents and the press, while Dez was left to sink into the dark depression that was slowly overtaking him.

One day, at the age of eleven years old, Dez got his first Pokemon. He wanted anything to get away from Castelia City, so he told his parents that he was going on a Pokemon journey. The two imbeciles were too busy with Mort II, so they absentmindedly allowed him to go on his journey. Without so much as a goodbye from his family, Dez set off to find a Pokemon. He neglected to try the desert resort because a sandstorm was brewing there, and Skyarrow Bridge was under inspection, so he couldn't get out of Castelia. After aimlessly wandering around the city, Dez found the Pokemon he'd been looking for, but it wasn't what he'd expected. The Puppeteer appeared before him, sensing his feelings of depression and sadness. The Puppeteer explained that he, too, had been shunned by his previous owners in favor of another Pokemon, and cast out to roam Castelia City. He told Dez of the thousands of other ghost types roaming the city, out of sight. He told him that every time he saw something from the corner of his eye, it was a lost ghost looking for solace. The brave Dez was not intimidated by the thought, and teamed up with the Puppeteer to achieve greatness.

The Puppeteer and Dez soon became close friends and rivals, despite the many times when the Shuppet tried to trick Dez into committing acts of evil. On their journey across Unova, they met two other ghosts that had become members of their team. Soon after, Dez caught word of the Pokemon Trainer Academy, and decided that attending that school was better than aimlessly wandering around the region like a lost soul. He went back to his parents, who were apparently having an excellent time without him, and were annoyed with his return. Paying no mind to their emotions, he requested that he attend the academy. With some convincing from the Puppeteer, they eventually agreed, seeing it as another opportunity to get rid of their failure of a son.

Upon arrival at the Academy, Dez was put through a written exam and a practical exam. Having wandered around the Unova region long enough to know how to fight, Dez used the sneaky powers of his Ghost types to ace the practical exam. However, he was no expert at Pokemon just yet, and only passed the written exam by the skin of his teeth. Thanks to his scores on the practical, though, he was placed in the Entei Dorm. He was happy with his new position. Dez could stay away from those silly slackers in Raikou, but wouldn't be too near to those rich snobs from Suicune who were so like his parents.


Species: Shuppet ♂

Nickname: The Puppeteer

Personality: The Puppeteer is one of Dez's most deceitful and dangerous party members. Although they are great friends and rivals, the Puppeteer is the one who keeps Dez on guard, trying whenever he can to get into his mind and trick him into doing stupid things. The Puppeteer cares greatly for Dez, however, because Dez was the only one who ever cared for him. Dez understands why Puppeteer does what he does and accepts him for what he is. However, when Dez isn't looking, the Puppeteer will often sneak out of his Pokeball and cause mischief around the island. His favorite location is Oak Town, where he likes to scare young women and little children when they are all alone. Sometimes, the Puppeteer will even use his powers to animate inanimate objects around town and scare people off.

Lvl(Max 30): 25

Moves: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Will-O-Wisp, Faint Attack, Gunk Shot


Species: Golett

Nickname: Paladin

Personality: Paladin is like the protector of the group of Pokemon that Dez carries with him. Whenever one of the other members of the team is in trouble, Paladin is there to prevent further harm. He is somewhat like a silent guardian, watching over both Dez and his team, doing whatever he can to protect them from harm. Paladin does not like to fight, but when the time comes, he is ready to take a stand.

Lvl(Max 30): 23

Moves: Shadow Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Drain Punch, Bulldoze


Species: Frillish ♀

Nickname: Jelly

Personality: Jelly is the heart of the group. She likes to keep the others going with motivational words, and is an expert healer so she can heal her two teammates after battle. However, she does like her fair share of mischief, and makes it a hobby to mess with Dez's head every now and again. She and the Puppeteer get into a lot of fights about who should have control over Dez, and she often follows the Shuppet to town to scare the people there. However, Jelly is always there for Dez when he needs her most.

Lvl(Max 30): 26

Moves: Bubblebeam, Protect, Recover, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Double Team