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Originally Posted by Omega Zero View Post
Yes, you need to download Pokemon game editor and use their team snagem item editor tool.

If your wondering how to change the trainers moves you must check the offset *when it asks you to repoint that number*

you must go there in a hex editor and find the moves and replace it with the new hex code because A-trainer won't be able to change it to the new moves itself.
Originally Posted by 11bayerf1 View Post
You can do this very easily with a hex editor.
You need to go to the offsets 45A5A4 and 45A80C
These are the offsets for the TM data. Each TM is made up of two bytes

hey, thanks dude!

Originally Posted by itman View Post

EDIT2: Everyone do this too. Update PGE's ini file (Open up PGE, goto Help > Update > ROM ini file). Then, go to where we were changing the pointers for the attack data and such, and there should be a new pointer at the bottom that says "AttackAnimationPointer"..
when i do this, nothing happens. it does say ".ini updated" but nothing really change, the new pointer won't show up. can i edit it manually, like, typing or something? if yes, what and where should i type?

edit: fixed it. it's not AttackAnimationPointer but AttackAnimationTable
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