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    General Mikkelson
    Slateport City

    Mikkelson waited as the convoy of armoured jeeps navigated its way through slateport. Mikkelson's vehicle was in the centre, and three soldiers sat in the vehicle with Mikkelson. Based on the situation, Mikkelson had his suit on and wasn't as armed as he normally was. But not to be unarmed, Mikkelson still had his Revolver and Grappling hook tucked inside his coat, as well as a couple of smoke grenades inside his pocket. Mikkelson observed the upstart city of Slateport, which was reasonably established during the short time that the city had existed. Still, it wasn't enough for Mikkelson. This region was going to be under his control, even if he had to rip it out of the cold, dead paws of the pokemon. Still, Mikkelson had the thoughts of whether or not the people would like him, it doesn't matter, Mikkelson said to himself, as long as they respect me. Mikkelson exhaled as the convoy came to a stop. Mikkelson looked outside through the window, and he spotted the podium where he would be addressing the people of the Human Republic, a lone island in a sea of faces ready to hear their new leader deliver his goals, promises and his oath. Mikkelson knew if he was going to rally the people of the Human Republic, he was going to have to start strong, promise a major victory right off the bat, although that was part of the plan for victory. That was another thing that struck Mikkelson's mind, what to say. He did not write a speech, so he would have to come up with something off the top of his head, great start, Mikkelson thought to himself. Mikkelson watched as the door open for him, and with the eyes of the entire Human Republic on him, Mikkelson stepped outside the convoy, making a firm salute to the people as he walked out of the convoy and towards the podium. Mikkelson portrayed a disposition of pure confidence, yet he was a bundle of nerves on the inside, and at the same time he was scanning the outskirts for any possibility of a pokemon attack. Putting all of the nerve-wracking thoughts in the back of his head, Mikkelson stepped up to the podium, then breathed out, and approached the podium. Mikkelson stared into the crowd, and with a burst of confidence, Mikkelson loudly began,

    " People of the Human Republic, are you ready for victory?"
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