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    Galeno – Lavaridge Town
    The town's centre could be described as civil panic. Commoners bumped into Galeno on the way, carrying supplies that they were supposed to live on as the war commenced. He and his dad, Farran, had raided the store of a fresh supply of berries, drinks, candles, tools: it was costly, yes, but there was necessity to it, and in the meantime, he kind of needed a father-son moment again, since he hadn't contacted him in a while. His home was more towards the pale of Lavaridge; a small cottage, built from the money he earned from the trade escorts across the Ruber-Caerulus border. And of course he was away from home a lot too, always out fulfilling an escort contract of some sorts. though with the tensions becoming higher, the demand for escorts across the border would drop, but that made lucrative business for the daring merchants and extra money for himself to support a future family, and damn, he still wanted to make kids with that woman.

    Galeno threw a look at the Staraptor who approached him: another one of those young buff fellows, much more vernal than he was, freshly leaving his adolescent years behind him probably. That didn't withhold him from holding a pretentious air when he stood aside him and only deemed him worthy of an eyeflick towards him. He fomented most people around him like that, outwardly defiant towards the Blaziken a few moments ago. He spoke: "We've never talked before, Galeno; what do you think of the upcoming war and the tribe itself?"

    Galeno nodded in acknowledgement of the Staraptor's presence. Big bird, big talk, but most of it true anyway. He always looked like he knew more than others, now especially. "Zeph, right?" Galeno stalled his answer a little longer. His tail buckled side to side, glowing carmine. "The humans. Those ones are the parasites we need to remove from Hoenn, if you ask me." His answer was deliberately superficial. Sure, Zeph was openly defiant towards the authority figures that led Caerulus tribe himself, but he didn't want to make his qualms with the ruling classes known to just anyone he talked to, and he didn't like the Staraptor enough yet, even though his attitude was killer. He oughta man up, though. Zeph probably shared his opinion about the 'great and powerful' Adamantium, the dear leader, but cloysterfooting his way around the humans and letting them annex land that belonged to them, the pokémon. And when was the last time there was ever any progress on that whole Groudon giving them back their rightful land or whatever it was that he used to stir up the poor people so they could die for him? When the rich wage war, the poor die. So it goes. "You know more about this meeting?" he asked.
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