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Mm, speaking of spending too much time on forums, I find I don't get as engrossed in PC gaming because it's so much easier to be distracted. I do a lot of things on the computer, mainly web browsing. When I'm PC gaming, I'm already at my computer so it's much easier to be distracted by the other things I do with my computer. Consoles don't have the same functionality--they're pretty much built to do one thing at a time and that thing is essentially just games. So they don't have that whole built-in distraction that computers do. I'll start up a game and then decide to check my email, maybe check PC and get a post or two in... and before I know it, I've completely forgotten that the game is running in the background.

Also, I've never ever played the Sims (any iteration of it) in my entire life. How bad am I missing out? :(