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    Name: Calvin Bastion

    Nickname: Cal, but only by closer friends and family members.

    Age: 15

    Sex: Male

    Dorm: Entei Dorm

    Appearance: Light skinned, average lean body type, about average height for his age. He has long straight black hair that is flipped to the side to get out of his light blue eyes. He seems to have a blank stare on his face almost to what people would say oblivious. Wears darker colored clothing most the time, but usually wears a long sleeved black shirt with dark blue almost black form fitting jeans. Always wears the same pair of all black suede shoes.

    Personality: Calvin tends to stay out of problems that happen around him unless they are problems that are involving him then he seems to get extremely involved, and sometimes take it too far. Calvin though seems to be a person who doesn't enjoy being around many other people almost to what people would call a loner, but just really enjoys peace and quiet. As Calvin is proclaimed to be a loner by his siblings, and other people he doesn't mind the company of a few other people though. More or less he hasn't met somebody that he can communicate well with. Even though he tries to stay out of big crowds though he is still always friendly to others as he is always looking to make a new friend.

    Calvin always has been known as a loner from most people’s eyes, but in his own mind he just feels that not everybody is somebody he would enjoy being around. From Calvin’s battling/training point of view he considers himself a prodigy at it. From his family line being powerful he expects none the less from himself. He doesn't fear many trainers, even if their Pokemon's level is exceedingly higher than his own, making him almost never decline a battle request.

    From his point of view Calvin feels he has no flaws in him. As he is the perfect person there is, and ever will be. Though this is exceedingly proved false from his arrogance he has in his battling, and training styles. This makes him extremely vulnerable to anybody stronger than him, and even some people at the same skill level as him.

    History: Grew up in the Unova Region in Black City. His family is quite wealthy, which makes them a well-known family in the city. Most of their wealth came from his grandfather who was a master architect that helped design most of the Castelia City skyscrapers. With everybody's future held in the balance of his grandfather’s wealth nobody had to ever worry about a job making Pokemon battles the only thing they ever had to worry about. Thus with them only worrying about battles everybody became suburb trainers in their family after that. He grew up with two older siblings both of which have already graduated from the academy well before his arrival. They are both becoming very strong trainers. Both his siblings are very studious. This put a tremendous amount of pressure on him to become not only a powerful trainer and to carry on their legacy, but also a great student in the academy.

    Calvin got his Pokemon for a few reasons. As all his Pokemon where level 10 when given to him, like his other siblings. All these Pokemon were given to him for a reason. For being Pokemon who are hard to level up, evolve, and become outstandingly strong when properly trained. This was done to be a challenge for Calvin. In short words he received high risk, high reward Pokemon.

    Before he found out about going to the academy, he was already on his adventure through the Unova where he had collected three badges. Once he reached Castelia City to defeat Burgh his parents confronted him informing him of the “great news” they had for him. Once he was informed of this “good news” he was horrified by the news, as he was enjoying the journey he was witnessing, but it is stopped by his parents to go to the academy to get further and more proper training. All this upsetting him as he never enjoyed school when going to it as a child. Even with Calvin's disagreement with his parents he was forcefully put into the academy, where he is now beginning his new adventure.


    Species: Deino
    Nickname: Chronos
    Personality: Somewhat similar personality to Calvin where he thinks he can beat any other Pokemon.
    Levels: 30
    Moves: Dragonbreath, Dark Pulse, Slam, Roar, Earth Power

    Species: Pupitar
    Nickname: Gaia
    Personality: Stubborn type who doesn't enjoy being pushed around, and is extremely easy to anger.
    Level: 30
    Moves: Rock Slide, Bite, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Iron Head

    Species: Larvesta
    Nickname: Hyperion
    Personality: Energetic, always looking for something, or someone to play with.
    Level: 30
    Moves: Flamethrower, Morning Sun, Take Down, Struggle Bug