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Well, some of my favorites, except for about 2 of them, I don't mind seeing in them in Japanese, English or Spanish. My favorite episodes in order:
All are from Unova - my favorite generation in the anime

01 • "Emolga and the New Volt Switch" - I love Emolga's laughing in this episode, and when she doesn't want to battle and just kept using Volt Switch, and her rivalry staring with Snivy. My favorite all time favorite scene from the anime is in this episode - Emolga's facial expression when she is getting tickled by Minccino's tail

02 • "Hurry Up! The Pokémon Gulf Coast Rescue Squad" (so far only in Japanese) what do I love about it? two of my top 3 favorite Pokemon in the same episode - Watchog and Dewott!

03 • "The Battle According to Lenora" - again, another episode with Watchog!! battling and winning! (looses in the next episode)

04 • "The Beartic Mountain Feud!" - because of Mienfoo, I wish he could appear longer in more episodes, like this one, instead of just 5 second cameos. One of my sound for receiving text messages is Mienfoo speaking in this episode.

05 • "Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?" - how can I not love Purrloin!! Wonder what happened to Cilan to make hime dislike them so much.

06 • "Emolga the Irresistible!" - that cute Emolga premier in the anime, many times i though I died from Emolga's cuteness and came back.

07 • "Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!" - battle with Snivy and Cinccino! I also loved when Oshy knocked Emolga away with water gun. I'm assuming that Emolga smashed into Cinccino off screen

08 • "Minccino—Neat and Tidy!" - Minccino in general makes me love this episode, and Bel's clumsiness

09 • "Clash of the Connoisseurs!" (season 15 has not yet been dubbed in Spanish) - again, Purrloin makes its appearance.

10 • "Strong Strategy Steals the Show!" episode will be dubbed tomorrow in English, really loved Liepard appearance in an episode, just wished that Stephan knew how to battle better. (again, I can't wait to see this episode in my own language, but season 16 has not yet been dubbed in Spanish)
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