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    Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
    The first two are RMXP Skills.

    1) Turn the screen to -255, -255, -255 using "Change Screen Colour Tone" @ around 6 frames.
    ---- Use "Wait" about 15 frames
    ---- MoveRoute "Change Graphic" to nothing
    ---- Change Screen Colour Tone again, but this time just the default tone "0, 0, 0" around 6 frames.
    ---- Control Self-Switch A/B/C/D on
    ---- New Page: Same Self-Switch ON (conditional on left) and put nothing there + no graphic.

    Fiddle with this, as you might want a longer or shorter wait period between "disappearance" of NPCs
    2) Make the event and then self-switch it off to a blank page. This will stop the event from running again because it'll default to a blank page.

    Someone else will have to answer the rest.
    Thanks a lot! I will sure use this technique

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