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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Hey that actually makes a lot of sense... but it'd make more sense if Yveltal was originally seen in Heaven and not just in the sky
Maybe they were thinking of Heaven= Sky when they made this trailor thus showing it in the sky. It's possible it's based on Japanese home land of the gods too. Amaterasu is in charge of the Shinto gods heaven so perhaps Yvetal really is based on her crow, the Yatagasu. and this is only part of it's wiki page

"In Japanese mythology, this flying creature is a raven or a Jungle Crow called Yatagarasu (八咫烏?, "eight-span crow") [13] and the appearance of the great bird is construed as evidence of the will of Heaven or divine intervention in human affairs.[ "
if it is based on it there's a chance the justice theory may be true...
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