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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Oh, that's easy, because the masses and kids like big booms, guns, and things that are quick and easy to get into (online gaming, specifically). All of those describe most modern FPS. I don't really think that it started with gaming, the craze was bigger with movies and then translated over when the potential was noticed. Notably, FPS with more in-depth gameplay or more emphasis on story are usually less popular than those that don't, such as the ever popular Call of Duty.

    Speaking of Call of Duty, that game is the most influential FPS of them, and as such, it sets an example for many, MANY FPS, gaming as a whole, and consumer interest, and the way they've been going about it with these annual releases and minimal changes is...bad. Heck, I wouldn't harp on CoD so much if it weren't so popular, but it's because of the influence it has that how it goes about its releases affects me as a gamer. Needless to say, when other games start to copy the Call of Duty formula, that's a sign of a bad trend. Hopefully it's just a fad that will pass.
    I'm not a person that's into games like Call of Duty, but, I've been often told that people like games like Call of Duty, because shooters really grabbed people when it came to the multiplayer aspect, especially when Goldeneye for the N64 came out, along with the other PC shooters of the era.

    Hm, I'm just wondering, why do you think copying the style of Call of Duty is a bad trend? I mean, I'm not disagreeing with you, but, I'm just wondering - wouldn't coping the styles be a good thing, for continuous interest? Or... would that mean that they would be more stale?

    /sorry if this sounded confusing btw; I've tried to word this the best I could.

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