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I find the term "freed from the burdens of the big names" to be a bit weird. I mean, aren't these people rational consumers just like you? They choose their games for a reason - maybe they don't have time for a time-consuming RPG, or don't want to put forth the effort to research a lot of titles to find out which is good so they pick up a series they know is good.

In addition, Mirror's Edge sold over 2 million copies. About the same as the original Assassin's Creed (2.5 million) and more than Assassin's Creed II (1.9 million). It's not exactly being ignored. These numbers are still much, much higher than older games, because the fanbase was smaller. This is why I feel there's not enough consideration of fanbase expansion; in the end, if there are 2 million people enjoying a game (probably more considering used sales), can you really complain that it's not popular enough? I feel like arguing that FPSs are too popular is another way that "real" gamers try to marginalize those that don't play as much. Filthy casuals and all that.

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