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Lucy and Emily - Outskirts of Jubilife
Lucy hesitated as the sounds of a fight breaking out behind her erupted. She turned only to find that Mako was fighting off an unknown person. Aw, what?! She just sort of narrowed her eyes. Sure, it probably wasn't proper to assume he couldn't handle himself, but a part of her didn't trust him to not die on her. Boys are such wimps and all, right Amy? People were such fragile things after all! She glanced back on Amethyst. Normally, this would've been a pretty easy decission. The little girl she was practically mothering took priority over the boy she may or may not have had a crush on. However, Amy wasn't actually being /attacked/! In fact, from what her sensitive ears could hear the group of females were just... talking!

Huh. Lucy grit her teeth, becoming frustrated with having to make yet another decision she interpreted as very important. Finally she turned her back on Amy and attempted to race off to help Mako, silently hoping Emily wouldn't be useless in protecting Amethyst while she was busy trying to 'save' Mako. To her slight dismay, however, she was unable to cover the distance before the fight was over anyway, making her feel a bit like a slug. Closing the remaining distance, she took a few laboured breaths before addressing Kraus...

"Hey... Mako—are you alright?" she asked, mildly concerned apparently. When had she started caring again?

Hailey and Arcea - Outskirts of Jubilife
Hailey seemed slightly confused for a moment before her expresion turned... sour. She shook her head as if to clear it of some sort of bad thought physically before turning her back on the possessed Amethyst. "...Fine. If you're here, you can help. Disregard these fools—they have no idea what they're dealing with," she responded, regarding the others with semi-hostility.

"Well," Em interjected, "would you mind telling me what we're dealing with? I don't like being left in the dark." It was bad enough that she had little idea what these two were talking about in the first place. Was Amy this girl's relative or something?

Hailey just sort of... narrowed her eyes slightly, looking down at Emily. A part of her wished that people wouldn't be so cooperative. It made her feel bad—because sooner or later she had to kill them. "...The city we're approaching is full of adults, the worst of the worst." Hailey explained in a matter-o'-fact tone.

"Why are they the worst? All the adults I knew were pretty nice."

What the heck is wrong with this girl? Hailey wondered. She had to have a ton of screws loose to think adults were... eugh... nice. She narrowed her eyes further, in an almost threatening and all sorts of diabolical manner. "Adults have warred endlessly since the end of Pokémon—they've enslaved countless children for their own purposes, and even Arceus itself has turned its back on them. We're going to destroy the city, and those within it. You can either help us, or get out of our way..." She explained all this in a dark tone, a complete lack of compassion in her voice. She had declined to elaborate on her plans for the future.

"Wouldn't that be bad, too?" Emily asked, apparently more clueless than Hailey first believed.

"... What?" It was a rhetorical kind of "what", like you want them to shut up, but you want to know what they're thinking just a little bit more than that.

"There's a word for that, but I can't remember it, where you kill lots of people."

Between her silent grumbles of how stupid this girl must have been, Hailey couldn't help but note she could not recognize what Emily was fused with. She didn't particularly like not knowing, but this wasn't overly concerning to her, as she was no professor.

"Genocide? No. That would imply some sort of... arbitrary focus. This a /purge/ of the evil from the world!" Hailey declared, vindication in her tone.

"What's a 'purge'?"


It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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