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    My first favorite would have to be Sceptile. What always turned me off about grass-types in the last two gens was just how darn slow they were. Having a grass starter who would soon become the fastest grass in the game was a breath of fresh air!

    Second would have to be Zangoose. Not only did he have great speed and attack, as a kid I always thought he looked badass with his red fur making him look like he got into a huge fight. Also he was extremely easy to raise.

    Third would have to be Slaking. Him for more sentimental reasons. It always frustrated me how he had the truant ability (as well as his inability to learn Skill Swap). However, whenever I was in a tight jam during a gym leader or the elite four, I knew I could always trust my slaking when I switched him out and pulled a Hyper Beam. It was almost always a OHKO and I couldn't be more grateful to have him.

    #4 is Glaile 'cause his design always looked cool to me.
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