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What do you get out of making new friends and maintaining friendships?
What I get is the perks of being a very social person. Back then, I was probably the most bashful person you'd meet at school. But ever since high school (and mostly my senior year in high school), I have been a person that one could socialize with. I have been able to hide the fact that I once was a shy person and usually I talk to people who are willing to talk with me in a cooperative manner. Every now and then, though, I run across people who "want to be" my friend, but I ignore them because of the way they approach me.

What do you get out of being in a romantic relationship?
Love. I have never had a girlfriend until senior year in high school, which some may consider a "late bloomer". The two of us have a lot in common with common thoughts and common goals that we're basically inseparable.

What necessarily seperates your romantic partner(s) from your friends?
What separates us is the way we act to each other. Not sure how else I can say it..
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