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As Sigil listened he learned of the two tribes, their names and types, how they have fought since the beginning and how their lives were spent in constant war. He listened as the leaders rambled on and on. As he adjusted his dress he pondered with which tribe he would go with once this ended. The Caerulus tribe or the Ruber. As he looked at the crowd it became clear that the Caerulus had more psychic types than the Ruber did, but that only complicated things.
Does this mean that if he entered the Caerulus tribe he would be easily picked off as a fake, due to the likely-hood of his mind being read? Does this mean that if he entered the Ruber tribe he would be automatically be of suspicion? As he watched the tensions mount he would definitely need to figure it out for future planning and research. A realization hit him before any decision did. How does he know his mind wasn't being read RIGHT NOW?
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