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    General Mikkelson
    Slateport City

    "Justification, Sir. I need to know why we're at war. I need solid facts and hard evidence that this is a good cause to be fighting for - not that this Grahams' death was just an excuse for a domination campaign. Any war causes the loss of innocent lives, and I will not have their blood on my hands - and I'll try and make damn sure it's not on anyone else's, either. Humans and Pokémon alike. Sir."

    Turnip paused for a little while to let the statement sink in.

    "And, uh, if you could get me clearance for a good sniper rifle, too, then that'd be great, thanks."

    " Hmm.. interesting, a soldier with an innocent conscience, impressive. Very well, I will reveal what I can of the truths of this war to you," Mikkelson began,

    " In the months leading up to the assassination of Alexander Grahams, the Pokemon forces were gathering to the north of us. The reason of this, the ultimatum handed over by the Human Republic negotiation party. I won't go over the ultimatum, to save time. This ultimatum angered the Pokemon, and is likely the reason for the mobilization. I do not know the true motive, as the pokespeak doesn't let us read their minds. The Pokemon refused to give in to Grahams' terms, and presented a rebuttal, which was for the humans to leave this land forever. Grahams refused, and stood his ground. That exchange happened four days before Grahams' assassination. To tell you the truth, Grahams' had planned a war before he died, so you can't blame me either," Mikkelson stated, hoping that this answer would please the persistent private. (Alliteration, F*** YEA)

    " Now, for the sniper," Mikkelson began before he was interrupted.

    "S***... Come in, Slateport! We got a situation here! Get some backup to Route 110, huge Pokemon attack!" blared through Mikkelson's radio. In turn, Mikkelson went over to his central radio, and ordered,

    " All mobile military personnel gather at Delta Camp to the North of the City, I repeat, gather at Delta Camp this is not a drill!"

    Mikkelson opened his gunsafe, and grabbed his G36, revolver, smoke grenades, combat knife and grappling hook. Mikkelson headed for the door, but before he left, he looked at the private and said,

    " Private, you have been assigned to my guard on a temporary basis, do well enough, you'll be rewarded quite handsomely!"

    Mikkelson headed out to his jeep, and got in the driver's seat, and waited for the private to get in before heading out.
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