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I live on a street that's kind of like Wisteria Lane but without all the untimely deaths. I live in a nice spacious two-level house with my husband and no children. All my friends are now my neighbours and we see each other all the time and are incredibly close. My family lives a medium distance away; close enough that I can drive to visit them and vice versa if we want, but not so close that we live in each other's pockets.

I work as an author, taking my laptop to a library or a cafe for a mixture of socialising and work while my husband works at a job that requires him to leave the house from 9-5. This isn't because I want him away from me, it's just because if we were both to have jobs that allowed us to stay home all the time, we would be around each other all the time and we'd start to get on each other's nerves. Even loving couples need space so that they can appreciate the time they spend together.

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