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Damien Pierce
Front lines

Damien scoped in on the center of the meeting trying to pick up what was being said. He couldn't make out much from where he was, and he didn't want to risk getting closer... He watched them bicker, a fight just waiting to happen... someone just needed to start it...

Damien shifted his scope to where Nick and the other officer were. As if right on que, Clarke started running towards the meeting, raising his rifle. "Mother fu--" Damien attempted to say, but was cut off by the loud crack of a good rifle.

Chaos ensued... Damien hoped up mumbling "Sh!t sh! sh!t Sh!t, this is not good!". He sprinted behind a large rock and hope no one saw him. He pulled out his clip from his 416, making sure it was full before shoving it back in the rifle. He peeked around the rock slowly. No one was sprinting up the hill... yet...

Damien started to formulate a plan. He needed to get over to Jacob, then they both could make there way back to Nick, they would have a better chance of surviving this massacre that way.

He peeked around the rock again to see something take a round to the neck and the bullet ricochet off the boulder. Damien jerked back when he heard the bullet bounce. He gave a quick wave to Jacob, who obviously shot, to let him know he was ok, then put his ruck on and ran back into the forest as quickly as possible.

A few pokemon who deserted the main battle were hiding out there. The ones that didn't run away and decided he would be easier to take down were sorely mistaken. He easily dispatched them with a quick burst of rifle fire to the chest. "Chose the wrong guy to f**k with!" He yelled at the corpses and any pokemon hiding around him. He started to jog around the meeting place to get to Jacob, trying to be as stealthy as possible. All 3 of them needed to get the hell out of there ASAP though, so he tried to balance stealth and speed.

When he finally got over to Jacob, he ducked down next to him and tapped him on the shoulder to let him know he was there.

"It's Damien. You saved my ass man." He said. Damien stood up and offered a hand to help him up. "Seems like you got a nice setup and all, but we need to get back to Nick. There is a nice hill with a view of this place right behind were we came in that's forested. We should try to get there, no?"
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