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What I mean is that I'm so used to seeing or hearing about people being murdered that I just see it as another act of violence and someone that's a sick dickless coward. I care that people got murdered and I feel sorry for the families and people that are in the hospital right now but I don't care for the attention it's getting. Yea, it's a bombing that killed 3 people I get that but they don't need to make it out to be like 9/11 or something I mean come on.
I don't give a damn if you've seen people murdered, it still doesn't mean you can get away with saying something like this. Three is still too many. And this thing was NOT made out to be like 9/11. The only thing it has related to that at the moment is that people are jumping the gun in deciding who did this. I may have been 9 when 9/11 happened, but I can tell you right now that it got way much more coverage than this bombing, and it always will. You're barely older than me. You should remember as well.

Look, if you're just going to throw around your disrespect for what happened here, you might as well go post somewhere else. I tried to stay calm during this whole thread, but this post right here is going to set me off even more if I keep looking at it. You may not think you're being disrespectful about this situation, but I and plenty of other people here would beg to differ.

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