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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
To a good extent I feel b. I live in the city so I see enough murders that I'm not shocked or mind blow when a school shooting or bombing occurs. I mean, I've literally seen in person people get murdered.

What I mean is that I'm so used to seeing or hearing about people being murdered that I just see it as another act of violence and someone that's a sick dickless coward. I care that people got murdered and I feel sorry for the families and people that are in the hospital right now but I don't care for the attention it's getting. Yea, it's a bombing that killed 3 people I get that but they don't need to make it out to be like 9/11 or something I mean come on.
I agree that things like this get blown out of proportion by today's media and conspiracy theorists, hell I heard about it here in Australia THE DAY IT HAPPENED - that should some up how quickly the media works now (thanks to the internet) and explain why these things get blown out of proportion.

That much being said, I feel that the untimely death of even a single person is a tragedy and that it should be treated as such. The people who died in that bombing were ordinary people like you and me and they deserve to not have all this ridiculous arguing cheapening their deaths.

It is too early to say anything on the matter, save the bickering and debating for when we have something tangible <--- that's my perspective on the matter anyway. I see no reason to assume anything until we have some real information. *Rant complete


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