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    Probably. In my little Ontario town, we were #1 for drugs and teen pregnancy.

    And Quebec has a legal limit of four grams before you're considered a dealer. Can't say the same about Ontario, my aunt having had her kids taken away for a spleef before.

    Also, I get this nice guy at my cash once a week. He's obviously anglophone, but he tries so hard! I never say anything as to not discourage him + he's understandable, and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

    But literally, when he tries to say, "Bonjour ! Puis-je avoir deux sacs s'il-te plait ?" It comes out as "Bunjyur! Pwee-jzeh avoar-reh dur sacks see teh play ?"

    It sounds a bit silly, but again, not saying anything 'cause it doesn't really matter, and saying something would only hurt his feelings / discourage him... That's always unproductive.

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